Sunken Flagon

The Sunken Flagon

The Sunken Flagon

Duncan and his half-brother Daeghun Farlong were adventurers on the Sword Coast in the time of Nasher Alagondar, along with Esmerelle and Randal Flinn. Duncan used the money he’d accumulated from their adventures to build the Sunken Flagon near Neverwinter’s docks. Daeghun eventually settled in West Harbor, raising Esmerelle’s son, Bran Farlong, as his own. After the attack on West Harbor, Bran sought out his uncle. The tavern became the base of operations for him and his companions until Lord Nasher gave him land and title as the Knight-Captain of Crossroad Keep.

During his time at the tavern, Bran promoted it among the city watch and the Greycloaks, and after his disappearance many came to drink at the tavern that figured into so many of the songs about the acclaimed hero. The Flagon prospered though the Spellplague and became one of the city’s best taverns. Duncan married and had a daughter, whom he named Branwen after his famous, long missing nephew.

Duncan was killed in the cataclysm, and the Flagon suffered serious damage, but Branwen took it over and went about rebuilding it. Over the past twenty-five years, the Flagon has been a favorite gathering place for native Neverwintans. Today it stands awkwardly in the Protector’s Enclave. Branwen eyes New Neverwinter with suspicion, and the native clientele would fit in more in the Blacklake District today than among the loyalists to Dagult Neverember that surround them. The Sunken Flagon may be the only place in the Protector’s Enclave today where it is safe to criticize Neverember, though Mintarn enforcers make sure to check in regularly to make sure such dissidence doesn’t get too carried away.


Branwen Farlong Branwen Farlong Proprietress
Micar'eyl Auvrymtor Micar’eyl Auvrymtor Bard
Renno Lynneth Renno Lynneth Barkeep
Melech Vrago Melech Vrago Bouncer


Horst Horst Dead Rat Pigeon
Marcus Greycloak Marcus Greycloak Harper Agent
Valtha Bonecarver Valtha Bonecarver Seeker of Gauntlgrym
Dungarth Lackman Dungarth Lackman Neverwinter Docks Stevadore
Darvin Evensea Darvin Evensea Mintarn Mercenary Commander
Darvin Flinn Darvin Flinn Captain of the Triple Eagle
Sand Sand Branwen’s “Uncle”


Under Duncan Farlong, the Sunken Flagon was a bit of a dive. It served the sort of Illuskan tavern fare so common across the North, with lots of hearty stews, thick breads, roasts, fried food, and food served on a stick. Branwen grew up in the Sunken Flagon, but she also spent her summers in Neverwinter Wood with her mother, where she learned the sophisticated elegance of northern wood elf cuisine. When she took over the Sunken Flagon, Branwen changed the menu significantly, and in the process earned a reputation for herself on the Sword Coast as a talented and imaginative chef who specialized in a unique fusion of Illuskan tavern fare and northern wood elf cuisine.



Sunken Flagon

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