A cracked stone wall, patched with thick wood, surrounds the graveyard called Neverdeath. Consisting of two wide, roughly square areas of the city, Neverdeath is filled with rows of headstones interspersed with mausoleums and crumbling statues, often overgrown with withered grasses. Time, the Spellplague, and the cataclysm all took their toll on the graveyard, thrusting some sections higher than others, collapsing buildings, and revealing graves. Coffins now jut from small cliffs and tumbled bones litter the ground.

Neverdeath forms the southern terminus of the Wall, but New Neverwinter’s Mintarn mercenaries fear it, preferring to burn the dead outside the walls of the burial ground. If not burned, the mercenaries say, corpses left lying nearby sometimes rise of their own accord. They insist that anyone who enters the graveyard comes under attack from undead creatures rising from their graves.

Places in Neverdeath

Pauper’s Section: The more southerly of the two large squares that make up Neverdeath is newer. The Spellplague and the cataclysm left many more dead than the city could keep up with, so here many of the poor and unidentified lie buried in unmarked graves. A significant part of this section is given to a large burial mound commemorating a mass grave for those who were killed by the cataclysm but were not identified or claimed.

The Waterclock Crypts: Beneath a large, unassuming mausoleum lie the catacombs of the Waterclock Guild, an organization of artisans famous for building beautiful, intricate, and accurate timepieces.

Tomb of Betrayers: After the Luskan invasion of Neverwinter in the Year of Wild Magic (340 NR, 1372 DR), this mausoleum was constructed to house the bodies of those who had betrayed Neverwinter, including Desther Indelayne, Fenthick Moss, and Aribeth de Tylmarande.


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