Over a thousand years ago, the Netherese built a vast empire from their mastery of the arcane, complete with great flying cities. One of these archmagi, Karsus, cast a spell to become magic itself. His hubristic folly killed him and the goddess of the Weave both, and in the moment that it took for a new Weave to form, Netheril’s flying cities crashed to the earth and the empire fell.

All, that is, except for Thultanthar. Led by their archmage, Lord Shadow, Thultanthar had experimented with the Shadow Weave, venturing into the Shadowfell. When the rest of the empire fell, they remained in the Shadowfell for a thousand years, until they returned to Toril over a century ago, intent on reclaiming the ancient empire.

The desert of Anauroch is now a verdant plateau, though the Bedine who once lived there have been forced out or enslaved. Netheril has become one of the greatest threats to Faerûn generally. Even Neverwinter fell under the sway of the Shadovar in the time of Hugo Babris, before the eruption of Mount Hotenow.

The Netherese sent a major expedition to Neverwinter Wood under the command of Clariburnus Tanthul, one of the Twelve Princes of Shade, to restore Xinlenal, the first of the flying Netherese enclaves. The Northern Five revealed Netheril’s guilt in looting the artifacts of Iliyanbruen and Morgur’s Mound, turning both the fey and the Uthgardt against them. Netheril is now at war with Waterdeep and its allies. They have suffered a series of losses in that war.

Key Members

Clariburnus Tanthul Clariburnus Tanthul Prince of Shade
Draygo Quick Draygo Quick Netherese Nobleman
Parise Ulfbinder Parise Ulfbinder Netherese Nobleman
Katryn Ulfbinder Katryn Ulfbinder Shadar-Kai Warrior
Quentin Kroft Quentin Kroft Half-Orc Shadovar Warrior
Alessoria Talens Alessoria Talens Shadovar Assassin


Defeat the Alliance: The Iliyanbruen discovered that Netheril was responsible for despoiling Sharandar and entered into an alliance with New Neverwinter, the Forsworn, and the Greycloaks to strike against Xinlenal. According to rumors, the Netherese were already fighting a secret war against Thay in Neverwinter Wood and the Shadowfell. Dagult Neverember’s involvement meant that Netheril faced a war with Waterdeep as well, pulling in their allies in Cormyr, Cormanthor, the Dalelands, and Luruar. The Empire of Netheril now faces a widespread war across the north against a coalition of kingdoms calling themselves the Alliance. Winning the war is Netheril’s first priority now.

Raise Xinlenal: Xinlenal was the first of Netheril’s flying enclaves. Each enclave is, in itself, an artifact of such power that it could tip the balance of power in Faerûn. In addition to that, as the enclave of Ioulaum, Xinlenal has a historic and symbolic value that would rally the Netherese. Restoring Xinlenal’s mythallar requires feeding it residuum from destroyed magic items. Clariburnus has plundered the ruins of Iliyanbruen and Delzoun, as well as sites like Morgur’s Mound, to provide the residuum needed for the project. He knows, though, that he’ll soon need to expand into Neverwinter.

Defeat Thay: With their common interests in expansion and dark magic, it was inevitable that Thay and Netheril would come into conflict, but who would expect that it would flare up in Neverwinter Wood? The war between Thay and Netheril rages in the forest and the Shadowfell.

Raising Xinlenal: 40%

  • The Netherese make 1d4 percent progress towards their goal at the end of each session naturally as a result of their overall efforts.
  • +1d4 percent for each PC who rolls a 1 on a relationship die with Netheril.
  • +1d4 percent for each magic weapon sold by a PC or otherwise lost to Netheril.
  • +1d4 percent if the PC’s do something that would significantly aid Netheril’s efforts.

The number above is where Netheril’s progress stood when last you checked. Spend relationship rolls to discover the latest number.


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