House of a Thousand Faces

The House of a Thousand Faces

With its broad windows and comfortable couches, this tavern is a popular gathering place in the Blacklake District. Amid mannequins dressed in the threadbare trends of thirty years past, patrons lounge about the airy interior, drinking, laughing, and scheming.

Named for the dozens of mirrors and mannequins positioned about the common room, the House of a Thousand Faces once was a fashionable boutique. The cataclysm crippled the house’s business, and the owner, an elf named Theryis, packed up her remaining goods and closed her doors. When the city’s population began to recover and increase, she reopened the shop again as a tavern, using the dusty clothes and mirrors as decoration.


Theryis Theryis Proprietress
Toram Toram Occasional Help


Charl Charl Regular
Venye Furivel Venye Furivel Regular
Ammon Hornraven Ammon Hornraven Regular

House of a Thousand Faces

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