Crossroad Keep

Crossroad Keep

This keep stands at the intersection of the High Road and the Triboar Trail, though it has spent more of its history as a ruin than not. Built atop ancient Illefarn ruins, the keep played an important role in both of the wars that Neverwinter fought against the King of Shadows (though it fell into ruin between those wars). It was during the second war that Crossroad Keep saw its shining moment under the command of Knight-Captain Bran Farlong, one of the legendary Neverwinter Nine. The keep came under attack at the end of that war, however, and never fully recovered. It was abandoned once again after the Spellplague.

After Dagult Neverember set his sights on Neverwinter, his friend Leyton Amcathra, the head of one of Waterdeep’s noble houses, laid claim to the ruins and began rebuilding there. The Zhentarim offered deeply reduced prices for their mercenaries, which Leyton accepted.

House Amcathra

Leyton Amcathra Leyton Amcathra Lord of Crossroad Keep
Norris Amcathra Norris Amcathra Leyton’s Son & Heir
Wil Dunhall Wil Dunhall Norris Amcathra’s Friend

Zhent Mercenaries

Vinsent Ironwood Vinsent Ironwood Commander
Regdar Kreel Regdar Kreel Sergeant
Malcer Gorstun Malcer Gorstun Soldier

Crossroad Keep

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