Bregan D'aerthe

Bregan D'aerthe

Bregan D’aerthe

The brutal theocracy of Menzoberranzan creates an endless stream of homeless, helpless refugees. For many years, a mercenary company called Bregan D’aerthe has capitalized on this by recruiting vulnerable, houseless drow into its ranks. The endless violence in Menzoberranzan keeps them gainfully employed, but they do not limit themselves to conflicts in the Underdark alone. Bregan D’aerthe has interests in Luskan, Neverwinter, and anywhere else in the North where profit can be made from violence.

Services Offered

4 Waterdhavian toals per mercenary per day
Yes, the average mercenary would only cost two and a half toals per day, but Bregan D’aerthe’s fighters are not average mercenaries.

8 Waterdhavian toals per wizard per day
Bregan D’aerthe also offers mercenaries skilled in the Art, who wield arcane secrets known only to dark elf magi.

Key Members

Jarlaxle Baenre Jarlaxle Baenre Founder
Kimmuriel Oblodra Kimmuriel Oblodra Sometimes Leader
Micar'eyl Auvrymtor Micar’eyl Auvrymtor Neverwinter Agent
Nalfein Argith Nalfein Argith Luskan Agent
Masoj Lhalabar Masoj Lhalabar Assassin
Dinin Dhuunyl Dinin Dhuunyl Captain


Dagult Neverember relies heavily on mercenaries from Mintarn. Neverember is paying them a fortune to serve as his private army in Neverwinter, but you’re a long way from stealing that business from the Mintarns, as lucrative as it would be. On the positive side, the Mintarns in the city are all currently employed, so they don’t represent much competition for other business in the city.

There are Zhentarim in the region as well. They’re known for having top-quality mercenaries and not shrinking away from illegal or unethical business. “The Black Network” had a fearsome reputation before the Spellplague, but sectarian violence between Banite and Cyricist factions ripped the organization apart, making them vulnerable when Netheril attacked Zhentil Keep, dealing them a mortal blow. According to most, they’re simply another mercenary company now. Some people who read too many old chapbooks still think of them as masterminds and arch-villains, sure that their more wide-ranging plans must be continuing to this day. Bregan D’aerthe believes that the truth lies somewhere in between: they’d probably like to restore the position they once had, and they no doubt count many competent schemers and puppet-masters among their masters, but they’re not there yet. They’re probably Bregan D’aerthe’s most direct competition along the Sword Coast at present.

Bregan D'aerthe

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