Order of Blue Fire

The Order of Blue Fire

The Order of Blue Fire has branches in settlements throughout Faerûn, but it is only a recent arrival in Neverwinter. The Order maintains hospices for housing and educating the spellscarred. Order houses contain collections of lore and teachers to educate the populace about plaguelands and the Spellplague. The houses are also bases for experts equipped to handle out-of-control spellscarred and plaguechanged creatures, usually without recompense. For these reasons the Order is often welcomed and respected in a community.

The Order has not been very active in the region until recently, though, as it had not suffered as much as many other areas from the Spellplague. The eruption of Mount Hotenow ripped open the Chasm, though, spilling waves of plaguechanged monsters out upon Neverwinter. The incidence of people developing spellscars increased, but the same cataclysm greatly reduced the population effected. With Lord Neverember’s efforts to rebuild the city, though, the Order asked the Lord Protector for permission to establish a base. He directed them to Helm’s Hold, where he felt their expertise would be of greater use.

Commander Accordant Pieron Astorio worked to bring peace to Helm’s Hold. He assured those concerned about the spellscarred that he and his Order were ready and willing to contain any threat that was posed, while reminding them that these were people — friends, neighbors, and kin — who bear an unfortunate burden and need help. The Prophet nonetheless kept the Order at arm’s length, so Astorio focused on providing for the common good to prove the good that the Order could do. The Order played a pivotal role in the revolution against the Prophet and the forces of the Abolethic Sovereignty under her command. Afterwards, Pieron was a respected elder in Helm’s Hold, and a key figure in keeping the Heirs of Azure and the anti-spellscarred elements in the town from feuding in the streets.

With the ascent of King Rodrik and the reclamation of the Chasm, Pieron wrote to the new king to request his permission to spread the Order to Neverwinter. That request was granted. Pieron has now come to Neverwinter to begin establishing a new Order house in the city near the Chasm, where they are continuing their mission and helping rebuild the area.

Order of Blue Fire

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