Hungry Flame

The Hungry Flame

The old name of this decrepit tavern has already been forgotten. The new managers decided to cater to the spellscarred in town, changing the name to reflect their new focus. It has quickly developed a reputation for being unfriendly to patrons who are not spellscarred. It is a rogue’s gallery of the strange and twisted, and has become the unofficial headquarters of the Heirs of Azure.


Rogath Ironfist Rogath Ironfist Barkeep
Halas Dalren Halas Dalren Owner


Randal Umbermoor Randal Umbermoor Leader of the Heirs of Azure
Meryth Pharn Meryth Pharn Member of the Heirs of Azure
Fodel Daargen Fodel Daargen Member of the Heirs of Azure
Salazar Marivaldi Salazar Marivaldi Member of the Heirs of Azure

Hungry Flame

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