Helm's Cathedral

Helm’s Cathedral

The cathedral to the dead god Helm that Helm’s Hold formed around lost its original religious purpose long ago and became a sanatorium for the ailing, tended by the aging faithful who still honor the traditions of their deity. The spellscarred find treatment here, and many of the servants in the cathedral are also patients. They work as part of their treatment.

The Prophet Rohini is the undisputed master of Helm’s Cathedral, even if she disdains political status. She exists, she says, only to pass on the mysterious prophecies of her equally mysterious faith.

The cathedral can hold about a thousand souls. Most of them are patients of the sanatorium, though a few enjoy relatively good health and handle the day-to-day maintenance of the temple. A dozen or so acolytes who have skill in non-magical healing or an aptitude for service keep order in the cathedral. Several followers of Oghma labor alongside the former Helmites, continuing the work of the late Brother Anthus.


Rohini Rohini The Prophet
Brother Satarin Brother Satarin Keeper of Helm’s Cathedral
Brother Vartan Brother Vartan Oghmite Priest
Seipora Gend Seipora Gend Oghmite Priestess
Torlgar Torlgar Sanatorium Warden

Helm's Cathedral

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