Heirs of Azure

Heirs of Azure

The people of Helm’s Hold are proud of their history of taking in and protecting those in need, and that extends to the spellscarred who now seek them out, for the most part. Some, though, have lost friends, family, or livelihoods to the Spellplague, and fear and resent the spellscarred. A civic movement is growing to push them out and take Helm’s Hold back for those pure of blood and flesh.

In part to combat this sentiment, a group of spellscarred activists has formed called the Heirs of Azure. Founded by a charismatic half-elf named Halas Dalren, the group fights back against the bigotry of the “purebloods.” They see pockets of intolerance forming in their town and take to the streets against those who would run the spellscarred out of their community.

As the situation has continued to escalate, confrontations have become more and more heated. Meryth Pharn, one of the group’s first members, has urged for the group to remain committed to peaceful, non-violent resistance.

The Heirs operate out of a decrepit tavern called the Hungry Flame, which has a reputation for being unfriendly to patrons who are not spellscarred.

Key Members

Halas Dalren Halas Dalren Leader
Meryth Pharn Meryth Pharn Member
Fodel Daargen Fodel Daargen Member
Salazar Marivaldi Salazar Marivaldi Member
Shava Abrekiir Shava Abrekiir Member

Heirs of Azure

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