Dragon's Gauntlet

The Dragon’s Gauntlet

A former inn called the Dragon’s Gauntlet is a popular gathering place for the people of Helm’s Hold and a forum for its tempestuous governmental process. The people of the town are rugged individualists at heart, a characteristic that does not always mesh well with governmental edicts. Loud shouts, challenges, and shows of intimidation are acceptable methods of discussing legislation.

Ostensibly, the town is governed by a council of twelve elected speakers, with an executive bearing the title of Chief Speaker. That is currently Alisara Callum. She is well liked, even if her policies are not always. Her ability to inspire loyalty helps to keep the haphazard government functioning. She is the granddaughter of one of the Neverwinter Nine, and her frayed purple tabard, bearing a white dragon sigil bears testimony to her own adventures and accomplishments as one of the Purple Dragon Knights of Cormyr (though some in town mistake it for her own personal coat of arms).

Alisara’s chief rival on the council is Doloran Bard, an aging farmer whose family helped build Helm’s Hold in the days of Dumal Erard and Nasher Alagondar. He is wary of trusting his community to an outsider like Alisara or Rohini. An unrepentant purist when it comes to the spellscarred, Bard would prefer that the town push out the “unclean” hordes and return the Hold to its original purpose.

Dragon's Gauntlet

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