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  • Venfithar

    According to [[:brandis-vrye | Brandis Vrye]], Venfithar is a blue dragon who dens in the Rothé Valley near Neverwinter and is cooperating with the [[Cult of the Dragon | Cult of the Dragon]].

  • Adimond Kroskas

    With wild hair and glassy eyes, Adimond Kroskas is a dramatic and charismatic sect leader. [[:valindra-shadowmantle | Valindra Shadowmantle]] gained possession of his _ring of dragons_, a humiliation that Adimond was so desperate to keep secret that …

  • Anlow Fallbridge

    Anlow is a member of the [[Cult of the Dragon | Cult of the Dragon]] and [[:adimond-kroskas | Adimond Kroskas's]] most trusted agent. While [[:valindra-shadowmantle | Valindra Shadowmantle]] possessed his _ring of dragons_, he was one of the very few that …

  • Vlad Kulenov

    Vlad organizes the [[Cult of the Dragon | Cult of the Dragon's]] underworld operations in [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]]. He's not a fanatic, and he actually cares rather little about dracoliches or apocalyptic visions, but the Cult offers stability, …

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