Valtha Bonecarver

Priestess of Dumathoin


Class: Necromancer
Theme: Heir of Delzoun
Race: Shield dwarf
Level: 5 (Champion)

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
8 14 8 18 16 14
-1 +2 -1 +4 +3 +2
Recovery Dice5d6-1
Servants of KlauthServants of Klauth1
Kingdom of NeverwinterKingdom of Neverwinter1
Abolethic SovereigntyAbolethic Sovereignty1

Class Talents

  • Death Priest: Valtha can spend 5 and 6 results from relationship rolls to get information about a faction from spirits of the dead. Once per day, Valtha can perform a seance to summon a spirit related to one of the factions and they will provide helpful information.

  • Deathknell: As a quick action, Valtha can kill a nearby enemy with 5 hp or fewer. Valtha absorbs her life essence, healing 1d6 hp.

  • Skeleton Minion: Valtha’s great, great, great, etc. grandfather, Indrek Silentshield, died centuries ago when Gauntlgrym fell, yet he accompanies her on her adventures now.


  • Wasting Away: Valtha gets a +1 to necromancer spell attacks because her Constitution modifier is negative.



Priest of a Dead God+3

Valtha comes from a long line of talhund, priests of Dumathoin, the dwarven god of buried wealth and the guardian of the dead, called the Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain. Priests like her ancestors supervised all mining activities to ensure that the proper respect was paid to the mountain. They produced stratagems and combat techniques for fighting the monsters of the Underdark exhumed during excavation. However, Dumathoin has not been heard from since the Spellplague, nearly a hundred years ago. Did he die, as so many other gods perished at that time? Or has the Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain disappeared?

Valtha’s faith in her god nonetheless endures, though she has turned to some rather unorthodox methods to continue her service. Valtha considers necromancy a religious devotion, a way to continue Dumathoin’s guardianship of the dead, to keep those secrets that must remain hidden beneath the mountains, and to carry out the mysterious and often incomprehensible will of Dumathoin.

Dwarven Outcast+2

Without their divine power, the talhund lost their social standing in dwarven society. Because she refuses to give up her mission to her silent god and take on a more conventional place in her clan, Valtha does not have much of a place among the shield dwarves of the North.

Seeker of Gauntlgrym+3

Seventeen years ago, the Summons came. The ghosts of Gauntlgrym went forth, seeking their descendants, begging them to seek out the fabled lost city and save them from impending doom. Valtha was one such heir of Delzoun that the ghosts sought out. She has spent the past seventeen years exploring underground ruins and seeking out ancient knowledge to find the location of Gauntlgrym. Her quest has led her to undertake missions with Micar’eyl Auvrymtor and his Bregan D’aerthe mercenaries, as well as dealings with Dagult Neverember, who seems so eager to finance adventurers and their efforts to discover the lost city.

The Letters of Valtha Bonecarver

16 Ches447 NRThe Sanctum of Dumathoin

Valtha Bonecarver

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