Tam Zawad

Harper Spymaster


Tam Zawad recently became the Harpers’ spymaster in Waterdeep, after uncovering that his friend and predecessor, Aron Vishter, was a double-agent working with the Zhentarim. One of his last assignments as a regular agent was to Neverwinter to assess the situation. He found evidence of Netherese, werewolves, devil-worshippers, a pocket of Spellplague, orcs, Far Realm contamination, and “something I can’t pinpoint that’s throwing off an awful lot of necromantic energy.” His report concluded: “cut your losses and clear out. The city is going to fall.”

Yet with Aron’s betrayal, Tam was forced to send another agent — Luusi Wintermere — into the doomed city. If the Fisher was a Zhent, was Cymril, too? And if Cymril was an agent, what about the other agents in Neverwinter, like Toram and Theryis? And what does that mean for this business with Marcus de Tylmarande? Was he a Zhent who killed Cymril because she was a loyal Harper? Or a loyal Harper who killed Cymril because she was a Zhent? Or perhaps something else entirely?

Tam and Aron used codenames from the time they worked together in Calimshan — “the Shepherd” and “the Fisher,” respectively.

After helping root out the Zhent influence among the Harpers in Neverwinter, the Northern Five pressured Tam to reverse his decision about the city. In return, Tam demanded that Rodrik either definitely claim the crown of Neverwinter or openly support Dagult Neverember. Refusing to take either position definitively only made the Lord Protector nervous and threatened to further destabilize the region. Rodrik swore to claim the crown and establish the Kingdom of Neverwinter, which he did shortly thereafter.

Tam is a supporter of the new government in Neverwinter, and continues to be a close ally of Lureena and House Thann.

Tam Zawad

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