Seldra de Tylmarande

Spellscarred Patient

Seldra de Tylmarande
Level 1 spoiler
Humanoid (human)
Armor Class20
Physical Defense15
Mental Defense11
Hit Points18


+6 vs. AC — 5 damage.

Natural 16+: Seldra makes a second attack with her shortsword

Spellscar Command

+6 vs. MD against one nearby creature afflicted by the Spellplague — Seldra dominates the creature. On a miss, the creature is confused (save ends).

Domination: A dominated creature makes a saving throw at the beginning of its turn. On a success, it is confused (save ends), but no longer dominated. On a failure, Seldra dictates the actions it takes


Seldra is the granddaughter of Anwyn de Tylmarande, Aribeth’s younger sister who was in Neverwinter when the rest of their family was killed in an orc raid on their home in Thundertree. Seldra has lived her whole life in Neverwinter, and though that has largely meant helping to rebuild and defend a ruined city, the shadow of her family’s shame for the part her great-aunt played in Neverwinter’s destruction at the hands of a Luskan army often haunts her. Seldra insisted on spending more and more time on the Wall, as if to redeem her family through service and prove that she was not the traitor to Neverwinter that her great-aunt was. Like others on the Wall, she felt the press of moodiness and paranoia, and heard the singing in her nightmares, but unlike the others, she continued to take shift after shift.

Then she noticed the spellscar. In time, she learned to master it, control it, and use it to influence the monsters she fought at the Wall. When Dagult Neverember arrived and began replacing native Neverwintans like her with Mintarn mercenaries, though, Seldra decided that she could redeem her family’s name by saving the city from a new invader: Lord Dagult Neverember.

That plan ended tragically, as, unbeknownst to her, her fake crown was cursed by a Thayan necromancer and slowly drove her mad. She was stopped by the very adventurer she’d hired to accompany her in Waterdeep, Ammon Hornraven. When she was defeated, her spellscar was revealed, and Lord Neverember had decreed that any so afflicted must be sent to Helm’s Hold for treatment. And so, Seldra was taken into custody and sent there to be healed of her affliction.

Seldra’s brother, Marcus, came to visit her at Helm’s Hold, and became concerned about what was really going on there. He made contact with Seipora Gend, and with help from Branwen Farlong, Micar’eyl Auvrymtor, Valtha Bonecarver, Horst, and Luusi Wintermere, managed to rescue her from the Sanatorium beneath Helm’s Cathedral. When Alisara Callum and the rest of the town council heard what she had to say and saw the evidence that the adventurers were able to produce, they demanded that Rohini and her followers leave at once. They refused, claiming the cathedral as their base of power as an army of plaguechanged monsters emerged at their command, pitting them against the people of the town and their new allies, including the Mintarn mercenaries commanded by Marcon Dunfield, the Bregan D’aerthe mercenaries that Micar’eyl convinced the town to hire, and the Heirs of Azure.

Seldra de Tylmarande

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