Micar’eyl Auvrymtor

Bregan D'aerthe Salesgirl


Class: Bard
Theme: Bregan D’aerthe Spy
Race: Drow
Level: 5 (Champion)

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
8 17 14 15 8 19
-1 +3 +2 +2 -1 +4
Recovery Dice5d8+2
Bregan D'aertheBregan D’aerthe3
The Kingdom of NeverwinterThe Kingdom of Neverwinter1

Racial Power

  • Cruel: Once per battle, deal ongoing damage to a target you hit with a natural even attack roll as a free action. The ongoing damage equals 5 times your level. A normal save (11+) ends the damage. A critical hit doesn’t double the ongoing damage.

Class Features

  • Bardic Songs: Bardic songs are magical moments that last for one or more rounds and end with a final verse that carries an even bigger payoff (unless the bard chooses to abandon the song in the middle). Although magical, bardic songs don’t count as spells. Unlike spells, they don’t force the bard to suffer opportunity attacks from engaged enemies, and they can’t be canceled by effects that can cancel spells. For that matter, bards can even cast spells while in the middle of singing a bardic song.

    Each song specifies what type of action starts the song. On your next turn, if you want to sustain the song, spend the same type of action and roll a d20 against the song’s sustain target. If you succeed, you can continue the song with its sustained effect that round and attempt to continue it on your next turn as well.

    If you attempt to sustain a song and fail, you get the song’s final verse effect immediately, and then the song’s power ends (but you can’t start another song that round).

    If you elect not to sustain a song at the start of your turn, its effects end immediately and you get to choose whether you want to use the song’s final verse effect or be able to start a new song that turn; you can’t do both.

    Some songs have an immediate effect that happens each time you start or sustain the song. Others have effects that continue throughout the entire round.

    Your songs are from the bae’qeshel telphraezzar tradition of ancient Ilythiir, a mournful, keening style with sharp edge of bitter anger. The magic in your song allows it to continue even if you take a short break to speak or cast spells.

    On the other hand, most songs stop when you are knocked unconscious, silenced, or stunned. Having your song stopped this way prevents you from getting the final verse effect.

    You can only sing one bardic song at a time. If you are singing a song (or spend an action to try to sustain a song), you can’t start another song that round.

    And yes, as you’d expect, you can’t sneak very effectively while you’re singing.

  • Battle Cries: Bards use battle cries to encourage, inspire, warn, and magically aid their allies. Battle cries are triggered by flexible melee attacks. The bard makes a melee attack and is able to use a battle cry that corresponds to the attack’s natural result, sometimes whether or not the attack hits. See page 167 for the full rules for flexible attacks.

    As a rule, the bonuses provided by battle cries can help a bard’s allies but not the bard.

  • Spells: Bards use arcane spells that function like those of other spellcasting classes. Some spells are daily, some recharge, and others are at-will.

    Unlike most character classes, bards use two different ability scores for their attacks. Their melee and ranged weapon attacks use Strength or Dexterity, while their spells use Charisma.

Class Talents

  • Jack of Spells: Micar’eyl can cast Mighty Healing from the cleric’s spell list as a bonus spell.

  • Spellsinger: Micar’eyl can choose an extra bardic song or bard spell at the highest level she knows.



In the drow dialect of elven, Micar’eyl translates as “Poison Arrow” or “Lost Arrow”. and Auvrymtor is “Blood of the Abyss”. Micar’eyl is a rare gender-neutral name in drow, which tends to gender most names. Those who understand elvish may occasionally refer to her as “Lost Arrow” when speaking in the common human tongue, as it is common to translate the literal meaning of elvish names.

Bae’qeshel Tradition Bard +6

The bae’qeshel telphraezzar (Whisperers of the Dark Queen) are an ancient drow bardic tradition passed down family lines. Non-drow who know about it sometimes call them “dark minstrels”. The bae’qeshel tradition dates back to the days of Ilythiir. Many of its songs are mournful and keening, but with a sharp edge of anger for what was lost. Dating back to the drow’s original heritage as elves, there is a typical elven lack of dividing line between the magical and the mundane. The spells are songs (or notes) that affect the world around them… but then doesn’t all good music?

Micar’eyl was trained in this bardic tradition since she was a young child. She has mastered many stringed and wind instruments and can learn new ones quickly. In the tradition’s teachings there knowledge of secret and ancient magics and histories and the ability to analyze new ones from that ancient perspective. There is also an element of formal diplomacy, with ancient etiquette and customs that allow one to navigate very tricky environments.

Bregan D’aerthe Salesgirl +3

Different drow adapt to life in the famous mercenary company in different ways. Micar’eyl has honed her ability to fast-talk and sell, to schmooze and wine and dine and act as necessary to sell herself and her organization (or any story she needs to sell). She styles herself as “one of the boys”, dressing in masculine (or at least gender neutral) clothing and encouraging confusion about her gender (though she does not lie if anyone has the nerve to directly ask).

Infiltrator +3

Sometimes socializing only gets you so far. That’s when you need to sneak from shadow to shadow, pick a lock, and ease into that room where the important papers are kept. A drow will never be inconspicuous unless no one sees you in the first place, and that’s what a good infiltrator strives for.

The Journal of Micar’eyl Auvrymtor

14-15 Ches447 NRExpedition into the Dwarven Catacombs
26-29 ChesBookstore Bandits
30 Ches - 2 TarsakhExcursion to Dead God’s Hold
4-6 TarsakhHerding the Insane
7-8 TarsakhPolitics by Other Means
11-13 TarsakhThe Long-Awaited Forest Expedition
14-17 TarsakhThe Lost City of Shadows
18-30 TarsakhRally Call to War
6-8 MirtulThe One That Got Away
15-16 MirtulNeverneath
20-23 MirtulAttack of the Ashmadai
2-3 KythornInto the Shard of Night
4-11 KythornMemories of Menzoberranzan
12-18 KythornThe Death of Marcus de Tylmarande
20-30 KythornThe Death of Branwen Farlong
6-20 FlameruleThe City of Splendors
23-30 FlameruleInvasion from the Shadows
MidsummerMaking the Mushroom Kingdom
3-9 EleasisThe Crown of Neverwinter
10 EleasisLiberation Day
30 EleasisSide Notes — Governmental Business
20-23 EleintThe Fires of Mount Hotenow
24-25 EleintGauntlgrym
26-27 EleintMy Sister Faeryl
28 Eleint - 3 MarpenothThe Host Tower
4-15 MarpenothHomecoming

Micar’eyl Auvrymtor

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