Jarlaxle Baenre

Founder of Bregan D'aerthe


More than anything, Jarlaxle is an opportunist. His wealth is considerable, but official station in drow society means nothing to him. He observed that the best way for a male to survive and prosper in the matriarchal drow society was to be outside the system and to be too valuable to be eliminated. Always calm and graceful, Jarlaxle enjoys flaunting his independence and is proud of the fact that the noble houses come to him for aid. In the city of Menzoberranzan, intrigue and double-dealing are a way of life, and no one plays them better than Jarlaxle.

His mercenary company, Bregan D’aerthe, makes him too valuable to be eliminated while providing him with wealth and the freedom to pursue his own desires. It provides that for many other houseless, vulnerable drow who would follow his example.

Jarlaxle Baenre

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