Leader of the Neverwinter Dead Rats


Horst’s father was a fishmonger in Waterdeep’s Dock Ward, like his father before him, and his father before him. Desperate to escape the family business, Horst got involved with the Cult of the Dragon. When he realized that this was an apocalyptic cult dedicated to seeing the world ruled by undead dragons, though, he was desperate to get out. He escaped to Luskan, where he joined the Dead Rats and was taken on as an apprentice by a former member of the Arcane Brotherhood. The gang had little arcane talent, so they valued what Horst could provide. In time, Horst became a “pigeon,” offering the gang a unique combination of arcane talent and a thief’s skills.

On one job, Horst broke into the Coin Spinners’ warehouse, completely unaware that a fellow gang member, Rsolk, had planned to hit the very same warehouse on that very same night. Horst escaped according to plan, but his activity meant that there were a lot more Coin Spinners there when Rsolk arrived than he’d been counting on. Rsolk blamed Horst for that, and swore to kill him for it.

When the gang planned to expand their influence south, they sent Horst to Neverwinter with Rsolk. Though they initially tried to work together, their rivalry soon turned deadly. While on the run from Rsolk, Horst joined up with the fledgling Northern Five on several of their early adventures, even stopping the kraken from destroying all the ships in the harbor and being proclaimed the Hero of Neverwinter by Dagult Neverember.

Eventually, Horst made his move against Rsolk, killing him and taking control of the Dead Rats in Neverwinter.


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