Dagult Neverember

Lord Protector of Neverwinter


Dagult “Dagger” Neverember is the Open Lord of Waterdeep and the Lord Protector of Neverwinter. His faction, New Neverwinter, seeks to rebuild the city to its former glory. Of course, Neverember is a shrewd politician and he sees the economic benefits of restoring a flourish trade partner to the north of Waterdeep, but he defends the value of such enlightened self-interest to those who accuse him of having purely economic motives. Many accuse him of being an imperialist intent on expanding Waterdhavian power to the north by annexing Neverwinter, but Neverember has been careful not to give himself any title but “Lord Protector,” even though his well-known descent from Nasher Alagondar’s son, Vers Never, could mean that he is the rightful king of Neverwinter. But Neverember would never press that claim while it remains in dispute, unless the people wanted him to.

Neverember has provided patronage for efforts back in Waterdeep to domesticate owlbears, which has borne fruit in recent months. Domesticated owlbears are now being deployed to patrol the streets of Waterdeep and Neverwinter and to fight off the Shadovar. However, his situation in Waterdeep has worsened. Nharaen Wands and Lureena Thann are in close competition for pre-eminence in the city, which has been crucial for him to maintain control. He has aggressively expanded his properties in Waterdeep, recently buying the House of Good Spirits in South Ward and Thimblewine’s Pawnshop in Skullport. He has just returned from a pilgrimage to Athkatla with followers of Waukeen, which seems to have resulted in some lucrative trade deals with Amn.

Dagult Neverember

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