White Dragon Market

White Dragon Market

On the south bank of the Neverwinter River in the Protector’s Enclave, between the Sleeping Dragon and the Winged Wyvern, is a marketplace that has recently been christened the White Dragon market.

When the Lost Heir first appeared in Neverwinter, he fought a plaguechanged white dragon that attacked this market, alongside Ammon Hornraven. He turned the white dragon to stone, saving the people there. About a tenday later, though, he returned, this time releasing the dragon to terrorize the people. Ammon Hornraven also appeared again, but this time to fight the Lost Heir, revealing her as Seldra de Tylmarande, the spellscarred relative of another famous traitor in Neverwinter’s history, Aribeth de Tylmarande. Ammon slew the dragon, rescuing the people from the beast for good. In honor of these momentous events, and the lifelike statue that stood in the middle of the market for a tenday, it has become known as the White Dragon Market.

Places in the White Dragon Market

Wahim’s Apothecary: Wahim’s family hails from Calimshan, but he was born and raised in Waterdeep. An accomplished apothecary, Wahim came to Neverwinter soon after Dagult Neverember and established a storefront in what is now the White Dragon Market.

Dara’s Fashions: Dara Symbaern is a young sun elf lady originally from Waterdeep. She has always been obsessed with keeping up with the latest fashions. With so much of the Open Lord’s interest drawn to their northern neighbor, Dara saw an opportunity to make money bringing the latest Waterdhavian fashions to Neverwinter. She never expected that her business would become so political, though, with groups like the Sons of Alagondar pointing to it as an example of Waterdeep’s cultural imperialism.

Market Regulars

Aothir’s Armor: A portly, red-bearded dwarf named Aothir Waybeard owns a stall in the market where he sells fine armor imported from Sundabar.

Nagda’s Weapons: A tough half-orc woman named Nagda owns a stall in the market where she sells weapons — mostly heavy blades, light blades, hammers, and maces. She has little patience for anyone not of a martial persuasion, but rather likes customers with obvious physical prowess.

The Silver Eye: Silifrey Silvergraft owns a stall in the market where she offers her services as a fortune teller and sells some simple reagents and charms.

Jarvy’s Food Cart: A halfling named Jarvy regularly brings his cart to the White Dragon Market, selling tarts, meat pies, and fruit of several varieties for a reasonable price. The halfling has delusions of bardic magnificence and makes as much of his living telling tall tales as selling food. A single Waterdhavian toal buys a snack and a bit of sharp-tongued gossip, told in what Jarvy imagines is the bombastic manner of a bard. His humor is purposefully low-brow, meant for a cheap laugh. Recently he’s been capitalizing on his first-hand accounts of the Lost Heir and Ammon Hornraven, telling the story at inns and taverns, and consequently showing up a bit late for the market the next morning.

White Dragon Market

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