The Uthgardt Tribes

The Uthgardt Tribes

The Uthgardt descend from raiders from Ruathym, Netherese Runlathan refugees, and various others who swore fealty to Uthgar Gardolfsson. After Uthgar’s death in the Year of the Icy Axe (-909 NR, 123 DR), the Uthgardt organized into thirteen tribes, each formed around a different totem, one of the thirteen animals mastered by their divine founder, Uthgar. Though mostly found in areas further north, the Gray Wolf Tribe and the Thunderbeast Tribe often come to visit Neverwinter Wood, particularly Morgur’s Mound, a site sacred to the Thunderbeast Tribe in particular, said to be the grave of Uthgar’s brother, Morgur. The Uthgardt tribes are not monolithic, though. Tribes often work at cross-purposes, and even go to war with each other.

The Thunderbeast Tribe

The Thunderbeast tribe’s totem is an enormous, powerful lizard that once roamed the land. Now, only their bones remain. The Thunderbeast Tribe left one such skeleton at their ancestral mound, Morgur’s Mound. However, they recently discovered the mound disturbed, the thunderbeast bones taken, and the body of Morgur gone. This discovery was a cause for great panic and grief among them. The chief, Grandthur, decided to take the tribe to meet with the Elk tribe at Flintrock.

The Thunderbeasts’ ritual enemies are wolves (which has sometimes caused tension with the Gray Wolf tribe). They have a reputation among outsiders as the most civilized of the Uthgardt tribes.

The Gray Wolf Tribe

When Gauntlgrym fell, some of the fleeing survivors were attacked by the werewolf thralls of a colony of mind flayers. The Gray Wolf tribe accepted some of these survivors among them, though some soon showed that they carried the lycanthropic curse. Magnified by the influence of their totem, the curse spread through the tribe. Today, every member of the Gray Wolf tribe is a werewolf. However, those who stay away from the tribe for a year or more sometimes see their lycanthropy fade and disappear, suggesting that the tribe’s curse may have changed somewhat under their totem’s influence.

The Gray Wolves’ ancestral mound is the Raven Rock, located near the headwaters of Black Raven River in the Spine of the World.

The Netherese sent envoys to the Gray Wolf tribe, reminding them of their ancient, ancestral ties. Once the pact was made, the Netherese began to use them more like shock troops than kinsmen. The most brutal pack alphas accepted the situation, though, because the Netherese gave them the excuse and the material support they needed to engage in rampant slaughter. A small group of renegades called “the Forsworn” object to the pact with Netheril and have separated from their kinsmen because of it.

Other Tribes

Black Lion: The Black Lion have adopted agriculture, building communities around their ancestral mound of Beorunna’s Well.

Black Raven: The Black Raven are a particularly conservative tribe of Uthgardt. They hold to the old, strict, barbaric traditions and react violently to new customs or practices. They are renowned raiders and bandits in the North, often preying on foreign merchants and missionaries. Their ancestral mound is Raven Rock, which they share with the Gray Wolves.

Blue Bear: The Blue Bear tribe was destroyed at Hellgate Keep in the Year of the Gauntlet (337 NR, 1369 DR). Their totem was defeated and absorbed by Malar the Beastlord.

Elk: With respect to the other tribes, the Elk are considered the most arrogant and self-indulgent, often regarded as nothing than mere bandits. They raid caravans and villages endlessly, taking prisoners ransom or selling them as slaves.

Great Worm: The Great Worm Tribe’s ancestral mound is the Great Worm Cavern.

Griffon: The Griffon Tribe has declared war on the cities of the North, with their eventual goal being the conquest and acquisition of one of the region’s cities. Scattered, unallied clans that typically seek benefits from these cities have often joined the Griffon tribe, increasing their ranks dramatically, so much so that the Griffon’s Nest, the tribe’s main encampment, rivals even some of the smaller cities of the north. Despite the fact that they are perpetually at war, the tribe welcome outsiders, considering all possible potential allies in their quest. Among these allies are orcs hungry for plunder, wizards who hold personal grudges against particular city-dwellers, and agents of distant empires seeking chaos in the region for one reason or another.

Red Tiger: When people living in the Silver Marches speak of wild and savage Uthgardt barbarians, they usually mean the Red Tiger Tribe. The men of the Red Tiger tribe are strictly hunters, leaving the gathering and trading to the women, elderly, and children of the tribe. The Red Tigers believe the true test of a hunter is to bring down prey unaided. Members of the tribe are very suspicious of magic. To demonstrate their fighting prowess, many Red Tiger fighters prefer to fight unarmed than wield a magic weapon taken from the hands of an arcane spellcaster.

Sky Pony: The Sky Pony Tribe’s ancestral mound is the One Stone.

Tree Ghost: The Tree Ghost Tribe split from the Blue Bear Tribe before its destruction at Hellgate Keep. They consider the Grandfather Tree sacred and maintained a camp nearby.

Red Pony & Golden Eagle: Disappeared into the Underdark in the Year of the Sunless Passage (-456 NR, 576 DR). Residents of the Underdark claim they became the ancestors of a group of grimlocks in the Cavern of Cloven Heads.


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