The Wall

The Wall

When Mount Hotenow erupted in the Year of Knowledge Unearthed (419 NR, 1451 DR), the Chasm opened up, swallowing much of the city, and horrible monsters began to emerge from it. The survivors managed to fight the monsters back and throw up a great hodgepodge of wood and scavenged stone. The construction of the Wall allowed them to clear the Blacklake District and what has since become the Protector’s Enclave and begin the task of rebuilding Neverwinter.

Dagult Neverember made the Wall a top priority for New Neverwinter. Before, it served primarily to shunt monsters towards the parts of the city that had already been destroyed, but Neverember made it a priority to extend the wall continuously from the House of Knowledge to the Neverdeath graveyard, and reinforce those parts of the wall that Neverwintans had already built themselves.

The Wall lets guards guards strike at targets from positions of relative safety, and it provides regular outposts for sentries. The thick mess of bloodstained refuse at the eastern base — not to mention the occasional rotting corpse of a more recent kill — testifies to the Wall’s success as a defensive fortification. In parts it is still a ramshackle of improvised barricades; in others, it is the ruins of an old building filled with debris; and in a few areas, it is a respectable wall planned and built by Neverember’s engineers and masons.

Mintarn mercenaries now outnumber native Neverwintans three to one. There are many in the city who are unwilling to give up this burden to outsiders, seeing it as an important duty for native Neverwintans to bear. They look at this takeover with suspicion, and dislike having to take orders from General Sabine or her captain, Durham Shaw.

New Neverwinter

Durham Shaw Durham Shaw Captain of the Wall
Elayne Cantell Elayne Cantell Fighter
Thondal Ironeater Thondal Ironeater Fighter
Tiu Chunhua Tiu Chunhua Fighter
Kairon Demoneye Kairon Demoneye Fighter
Alissa Baramor Alissa Baramor Fighter
Khiraj Khiraj Fighter
Jeyna Harner Jeyna Harner Fighter
Brenn Ryser Brenn Ryser Fighter
Cefrey Hawkeye Cefrey Hawkeye Archer
Corbus Foler Corbus Foler Archer


Branwen Farlong Branwen Farlong Volunteer
Zelazadda Grosko Zelazadda Grosko Volunteer
Kethra Greencrest Kethra Greencrest Volunteer

The Wall

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