The House of Knowledge

The House of Knowledge

The House of Knowledge was once one of the most impressive buildings in Neverwinter, a tall, many-windowed, arch-roofed temple to Oghma famed throughout the Sword Coast, located at one end of the Dolphin Bridge. At one time it was a repository of chronicled learning, including maps, history, and hundreds of poems and chapbooks produced over the centuries.

After the eruption of Mount Hotenow in the Year of Knowledge Unearthed (419 NR, 1451 DR), an elderly human named Brother Anthus became the foremost cleric at the temple. He was interested in studying the Chasm and the plaguechanged monsters that crawled out of it. His research led to the temple becoming a haven for those afflicted by the Spellplague. When Dagult Neverember came to Neverwinter, he did not approve of having a location inside the city walls that attracted individuals afflicted by the Spellplague. Soon after Brother Anthus died under mysterious circumstances and a young woman called “the Prophet” relocated the makeshift hospital and the remaining clerics of Oghma to Helm’s Hold, claiming a prophesied disaster would befall the city if she did not.

Today only Loremaster Atlavast remains in the old House of Knowledge. Fearing the worst in the cataclysm, the temple’s loremasters sealed the inner sanctum, leaving the young Atlavast sealed within. He is an eccentric recluse now, forever cataloging and reorganizing the sacred archives. He is rarely glimpsed, but the occasional flickering light that filters up from cracks in the cobblestones in the dead of night reassure guardians on the Wall that he’s still there.

More recently, refugees from the River District have begun squatting in the abandoned temple. They’ve earned their keep by ringing the temple’s bells when they sight a new wave of monstrosities spilling from the Chasm towards the Wall. Some of the Mintarn mercenaries leave them small gifts of food and drink to show their appreciation.

River District Refugees

The squatters are not refugees, but Ashmadai, intent on helping to fight off the Abolethic Sovereignty. After all, people should be slaves to Asmodeus, not monstrosities from the Far Realm.

Lerissa Flame-binder Lerissa Flame-binder River District Refugee
Urth Ravenclaw Urth Ravenclaw River District Refugee
Kelnar Ironfist Kelnar Ironfist River District Refugee
Arveene Evenwood Arveene Evenwood River District Refugee
Hargul Half-elf Hargul Half-elf River District Refugee

The House of Knowledge

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