Servants of Klauth

Servants of Klauth

The Servants of Klauth

Klauth has become quite active in Neverwinter’s affairs lately: destroying the kraken that terrorized the sea lanes between it and Waterdeep, helping the Northern Five drive Thay from he Sword Coast, and, through his agent Brandis Vrye, organizing the Red Brigade, a well-supplied militia that emerged during Netheril’s invasion to help save the city. Klauth may be the oldest and most powerful dragon in Faerûn. “Regular Klauth work” is a euphemism in the North for butchery and destruction. Nonetheless, Klauth is known to perform random, inexplicable acts of kindness. The dragon’s human servants believe that the dragon wishes to leave behind a legacy, and has taken the city of Neverwinter under his wing to protect it.

Key Members

Klauth Klauth Old Snarl
Brandis Vrye Brandis Vrye Envoy of Klauth


Mysterious Agenda: Klauth’s agenda is the greatest mystery about him. He seems to intervene selflessly to save Neverwinter, asking only for recognition for his deeds. Perhaps he truly does simply want to leave behind a legacy for himself at the end of his long life, but it would be a mistake to trust a dragon as ancient and powerful as Old Snarl.

Servants of Klauth

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