New Neverwinter

New Neverwinter

New Neverwinter

Dagult Neverember, Open Lord of Waterdeep and Lord Protector of Neverwinter, has come to the Jewel of the North intent on rebuilding the city. With wealth, trade connections, and a small army of Mintarn mercenaries, he has reclaimed a quarter of the city now called the Protector’s Enclave. His faction, called “New Neverwinter,” represent the closest thing to an established government in the ruined city today.

Key Members

Dagult Neverember Dagult Neverember Lord Protector of Neverwinter
Soman Galt Soman Galt Mayor of Neverwinter
Len-jes Len-jes Master of Trade
General Sabine General Sabine Commander of New Neverwinter’s Forces
Jelvus Grinch Jelvus Grinch Sheriff of Neverwinter
Sergeant Knox Sergeant Knox Adventurer Liaison Officer
Durham Shaw Durham Shaw Captain of the Wall
Rucas Sarfael Rucas Sarfael Captain of the Black Blades
Saevel Jemuir Saevel Jemuir Native Supporter


Win the War: On 24 Tarsakh, Lord Neverember learned about the Iliyanbruen and the Netherese expedition in Neverwinter Wood. Neverember pledged his support to the Iliyanbruen and joined their attack on Xinlenal. Neverember lost most of his Mintarn mercenaries in the battle, but the war against Netheril that began there has grown to include Waterdeep, Cormyr, Myth Drannor, the Dalelands, Evereska, and Luruar.

Protect and Run the City: Lord Neverember has orated at length about his self-proclaimed responsibility to protect Neverwinter’s citizens and keep the city civilized. Beyond establishing common laws and keeping the peace, his mission primarily entails rooting out rebels and ensuring that the city’s defenses are well manned.

Hire Sellswords: Lord Neverember is constantly hiring fighters to join his forces. Most of these are mercenaries from Mintarn, but he always has work for adventurers in the city willing to earn a bit of gold by helping protect the people of Neverwinter. The loss of the larger part of his forces at the Battle of Xinlenal and the current war with Netheril has made this an even more urgent priority.

Make Hard Coin: Ultimately, there is little secret that Neverember is interested in the city primarily for economic reasons. He readily admits this when he’s confronted with the accusation, though he typically hastens to add that such enlightened self-interest is at the root of all progress, and this while his mission to rebuild Neverwinter will certainly benefit people from Waterdeep like himself, it will benefit Neverwinter, too.

Maintain Both Positions: Neverember splits his time between Neverwinter and Waterdeep. While in Neverwinter, the Masked Lords often jockey for power and status, and while in Waterdeep, rebels and other dissidents stir up trouble. So far Neverember has managed to keep both pots cooking without boiling over, but if public opinion in Waterdeep turns against him, he may find it significantly more difficult to focus on tasks in Neverwinter.

Neverember’s Approval Rating: 27%

Neverember’s approval rating is a publicly-known pacing mechanic shared by New Neverwinter and the Sons of Alagondar. You can use relationship dice to learn threshold events — things that will happen when Neverember’s approval rating reaches a particular number. There are a total of four; you have not yet discovered any of them.

New Neverwinter

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