Neverwinter Docks

Neverwinter Docks

With the old roads now overrun, the docks are the heart of Neverwinter’s economy and its primary link to the outside world. The eruption of Mount Hotenow in the Year of Knowledge Unearthed (419 NR, 1451 DR) left the whole area swamped with tidal waves, utterly destroying the city’s economy.

New Neverwinter has poured much of its attention and resources into rebuilding the docks. As part of his first initiatives Lord Neverember sent engineers and loggers to the forested upland rise outside the city. Residents had once used it as a park, but Neverember’s crews clear-cut it for timber to rebuild the docks. Today, supplies and coin flow into Neverwinter through the rebuilt docks, along with repatriated refugees. The Lord Protector takes a keen interest in who enters the city through the docks and charges steep tariffs on deals consummated there.

Neverember’s critics, the Sons of Alagondar chief among them, claim that this is because he is interested only in lining his own pockets, but the Lord Protector counters that enlightened self-interest is the guide to prosperity for all, and that even if it profits him and Waterdeep, it will benefit Neverwinter itself most of all.

Places at the Docks

Tarmalune Trade House: The rebuilt docks have attracted visitors from across the sea: members of a trade cartel from the city of Tarmalune in Returned Abeir. They have arrived in Neverwinter to arrange permanent trade routes between the two continents, and to outmaneuver their rivals from the Abeiran city of Lylorn, who have landed in Luskan with a similar goal. The Abeirans have set up shop in a large warehouse complex next to a set of docks that are being rebuilt. The Tarmalune Trade House is a busy area where contacts gather, deals are made, and adventurers find their services in high demand. The trade house is run by Jonn Rethnil, a merchant of some distinction in Tarmalune, though his connections mean little to the people of Neverwinter.

Hagen’s Imports: Hagen started his business here in the reign of Nasher Alagondar. It was destroyed in the cataclysm, but as part of the effort to rebuild the docks, Lord Neverember tracked down Hagen’s great-grandson, Urth, and convinced him to come with him to Neverwinter to rebuild the family business.

The Sunken Flagon: Duncan Farlong built this tavern at Neverwinter’s docks with the gold he’d gathered during his years as an adventurer in the time of Nasher Alagondar. Duncan died in the cataclysm, but the tavern was rebuilt by his daugher,Branwen Farlong, named after his famous nephew. Read more…

Tschavarz Sworddancing Academy: Elyne Tschavarz founded the Tschavarz Sworddancing Academy in an old warehouse in the docks, adjacent to a ruined brewery. Rumors persist that the academy is a front that recruits discontented Neverwintans for the Sons of Alagondar. [[ Read more…

Currently at the Docks

The Executioner’s Descent, a galley from Waterdeep with a cargo of leather goods. Its captain is an Illuskan woman named Amafrey Helder.

The Serene Aasimar, a carrack from Baldur’s Gate with a cargo of weapons and dye. Its captain is a Moon Elf man named Faelar Eveningfall.

The Lovely Cape, a galley from Athkatla with a cargo of gold and beer. Its captain is a halfling man named Wilimac Hardingdale.

Neverwinter Docks

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