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Last year, upon his return to Neverwinter from Waterdeep, Lord Neverember was attacked at the docks by a Red Wizard from Thay, and rescued by Rucas Sarfael, Elyne Tschavarz, Parnadiz, and Charinyn. Neverember recruited them as “the Black Blades,” chartered and supported by New Neverwinter to hunt down undead threats to the city.

The Sons of Alagondar were dealt a serious blow with the death of several members of their leadership. Rumors claim infighting over who was in charge led to drawn swords and bloodletting. Others say hired mercenaries ambushed a meeting of the group. Lord Neverember hailed the news as a victory for law and order in the city and promised to pursue the remnants of the insurgency.

The Lost Heir of Nasher Alagondar appeared in Neverwinter, slaying fearsome monsters that beset the people. Unrest swept the city as many voiced their support for the Lost Heir and called for Dagult Neverember to leave. However, the Lost Heir later returned, this time leading the monsters against the people. He was stopped by his former companion, Ammon Hornraven, and revealed to be Seldra de Tylmarande, the great-niece of the notorious traitor Aribeth de Tylmarande who led a Luskan army that nearly destroyed Neverwinter over a century ago.

The Year of the Ageless One,
447 NR, 1479 DR,
28 years after the eruption of Mount Hotenow

Hammer / Deepwinter

Faerûn endures the worst winter in living memory. It is noted not just for its brutality, but for its seeming malevolence. For a few days in Deepwinter the Neverwinter River freezes in the city. The harbor is blocked by ice for most of the month. No one in the city can remember the last time they saw such a thing.

A fierce night battle erupted in the rotting buildings of the Pirate’s Skyhold. Someone or something set fire to many of the buildings and humanoid figures wreathed in flame could be seen falling from the earthmote to their doom in the ocean below. Servants in the Hall of Justice reported seeing several men on fire within the Hall that same night.

The Company of Twelve Swords, comprised of veteran guards from the Wall, mercenaries from the Moonshae Isles, and adventurers from Waterdeep formed in Neverwinter. The adventurers left for Castle Never to brave its dangers and make their fortune from the treasures rumored to lay beneath the castle. Rumors are circulating that the leader of the Twelve owns regalia and other former possessions of Neverwintan nobility and plans to use these items to placate the ghosts of the castle.

Alturiak / The Claw of Winter

A caravan led by dwarves arrived in Neverwinter, carrying goods from the Underdark. The dwarves will not sell to just anyone, but instead are taking bids for the right to be the first to view and purchase from their offerings. Word is spreading that amongst their wares are War Stones (rocks that, when exposed to sunlight, instantly expand in width and volume to the size of small boulders), Tell Tale Stones (rocks that absorb sound energy and sing back whatever noises were in their vicinity) and Rock Gourds (hollow rocks that naturally conjure about one gallon of water per hour after its current stock of water is pored out).

Ches / The Claw of the Sunsets

The merchant Guthkort Arnhast was found injured and bleeding on the street in front of his three story stone mansion in the Protector’s Enclave. Guthkort claims his dwelling is cursed; whenever he opens any door, he finds himself looking upon wild places far from Neverwinter. Sometimes beasts are waiting on the other side, eager to pounce. Friends and neighbors say Guthkort threw himself out of an open, second story window to escape and that strange, inhuman noises emanate from his former home.

Tarsakh / The Claw of the Storms

A revolution in Helm’s Hold has slain the Prophet and driven her people from the town. They say that she served dark powers from beneath the earth. In the revolution’s wake, Helm’s Hold has become an anarchist enclave. Stories in Neverwinter conflict — either that they have modeled themselves after the writings of a forgotten Hero of Neverwinter and it seems to be off to a promising start, or that the town has descended into chaos and lawlessness, where no one is safe. The Lord Protector has rescinded his order that any bearing the Spellplague must go there, not willing to deliver them to such a dangerous place as it has become, and is said to be considering what other measures may be necessary to defend Neverwinter against this new threat.

The Iliyanbruen fey reveal their return in the Hall of Justice and persuade Lord Neverember to join their assault on Xinlenal, sparking a major war between the Alliance, including Neverwinter and Waterdeep, and Netheril.

Mirtul / The Melting

Merchants braving the roads north of Neverwinter report drow have been raiding their caravans. The drow do not slay the merchants, nor their guards, but thoroughly search each caravan and claim any items of magic they find. The merchant Chelios Khor claims the drow “flow out of the shadows and melt back into them after robbing us of everything of value!”. Khor, having twice lost magical cargo to the drow, is offering gold and treasure in payment to anyone bold enough to ride the road and slay drow. Pairs of drow ears may be brought to Khor’s merchant warehouse located at Neverwinter Docks for payment.

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