Kingdom of Neverwinter

Kingdom of Neverwinter

Kingdom of Neverwinter

Rodrik Thann, the last heir of Nasher Alagondar, has returned to Neverwinter to claim his throne. Dagult Neverember’s New Neverwinter government has collapsed, giving way to the new king. Many of those who previously followed the Lord Protector have gathered under the banner of the new kingdom — mostly hoping to gain position and power under the new regime.

Key Members

Rodrik Alagondar Rodrik Alagondar King of Neverwinter
Lander Greycastle Lander Greycastle Lord Regent & Minister of Justice
Micar'eyl Auvrymtor Micar’eyl Auvrymtor First Secretary
Jelvus Grinch Jelvus Grinch Minister of Trade
Donn Stormchapel Donn Stormchapel Spymaster
General Sabine General Sabine Mintarn Commander
Brandis Vrye Brandis Vrye Red Brigade Commander
Maspero of Everlund Maspero of Everlund Zhentarim Commander


Win the War: New Neverwinter has fallen, but Rodrik has not abandoned the war against Netheril. The transition may have increased tensions with Neverwinter’s allies — Waterdeep, in particular — but the Shadovar remain an active, ongoing concern. The kingdom commands a collection of mercenary companies and militias that can harry the Gray Wolves and other Netherese forces in Neverwinter Wood, but it would not likely hold out for very long against a committed Netherese attack.

Make Neverwinter Prosperous: King Rodrik understands that he must build his kingdom’s power on top of the city’s prosperity. To that end, he is encouraging trade with partners like Waterdeep, Baldur’s Gate, and Athkatla, restoring the High Road and overland trade with Mirabar, and working with more distant partners like Tarmalune in Returned Abeir. Eventually, Rodrik hopes to rebuild the River District and the Chasm, but he faces several more pressing crises first, so rebuilding the city will have to wait.


Resources: 1

At the end of each game session, Rodrik can advance a number of projects equal to the kingdom’s Resources score. To increase the kingdom’s Resources score, line up a number of new resources equal to the next level. The GM will tell you what counts towards that goal, but in general big loans from foreign powers or noble houses, major increases in taxes or tariffs, or gifts accepted from powerful patrons may all count.

To reach Resources 2

Build a Neverwintan Army: 0%

Advance: +1d4%
Complete: Increase die size for “Route the Netherese from Neverwinter Wood”

Route the Netherese from Neverwinter Wood: 0%

Advance: +1d6%

Secure Old Owl Well: 41%

Advance: +1d20%

Kingdom of Neverwinter

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