Hall of Justice

The Hall of Justice

Hall of Justice

The Hall of Justice was built by Lord Nasher Alagondar. Construction began in the Year of the Lost Helm (297 NR, 1329 DR), the same year that he became lord of Neverwinter, to give thanks to his god, Tyr. By the time that the Wailing Death struck the city in the Year of Wild Magic (340 NR, 1372 DR), it had already become one of the largest temple complexes on the Sword Coast. Nasher incorporated the Tyrran church into his government as the city’s court system, so the Hall of Justice served both secular and religious functions even under him.

After the Spellplague brought an end to both Nasher and his god, the Hall of Justice remained an important landmark under the Alagondar kings. When Mount Hotenow erupted in the Year of Knowledge Unearthed (419 NR, 1451 DR), the part of the city around the Hall of Justice saw the lightest damage. In the immediate aftermath of the cataclysm, the Hall served as a makeshift hospital. When monsters began to emerge from the Chasm, it became the survivors’ headquarters to push them back, build the Wall, and organize their defense. Over the twenty-three years that followed, it served as a sort of unofficial town hall.

When Dagult Neverember came to Neverwinter, he chose the Hall of Justice as his own base of operations. It is now the heart of the Protector’s Enclave. He has brought priests of Torm from Waterdeep whose rites emulate the old Tyrran traditions to help restore the temple to its former glory.

Common Faces

Dagult Neverember Dagult Neverember Lord Protector of Neverwinter
Soman Galt Soman Galt Mayor of Neverwinter
Sergeant Knox Sergeant Knox New Neverwinter Adventurer Liaison Officer
Falrenn Uskar High Priest Uskar Champion & High Priest of Torm
Grigor Marsk Watchful Venturer Marsk Watchful Venturer of Torm
Phaele Stamaraster Anduran Stamaraster Tormish Anduran
Ayesha Wasatho Ayesha Wasatho Paladin of Torm

Hall of Justice

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