The Brightwoods

During the reign of Dagult Neverember as Lord Protector, the Sons of Alagondar were split into two factions: the older, more conservative Greycloaks, and the younger, more radical Nashers. The Nashers became the pawns of deadlier factions like the Dead Rats and even Thay, until Branwen Farlong introduced them to the anarchist philosophy of the forgotten Hero of Neverwinter, Ander Brightwood. The faction renamed themselves for Ander in place of Nasher Alagondar.

When the Kingdom of Neverwinter formed, the Greycloaks saw their mission fulfilled and dedicated themselves to supporting King Rodrik. The Brightwoods, however, saw this as a serious blow to their struggle for freedom. Unimpressed by its royal connections, especially in how it helped legitimize the new king, the Brightwoods shed the name of the Sons of Alagondar and continued on as the Brightwoods, a resistance group dedicated to overthrowing the new kingdom and spreading the example of Helm’s Hold’s successful revolution to Neverwinter.

Key Members

Arlon Bladeshaper Arlon Bladeshaper Prominent Brightwood
Geth Stormbolt Geth Stormbolt Brightwood
Tura Brightwater Tura Brightwater Brightwood


Overthrow the Kingdom: When Netheril invaded Neverwinter and the people banded together to defeat them, for one brief moment it seemed like the Brightwoods’ revolution would succeed. The Lord Protector was repudiated as the people realized that the safety he offered was an illusion, and their true hope lie in one another. Then Rodrik put on the crown and established his kingdom. The Brightwoods realize that they cannot add more chaos to the current situation, but they also understand that this is precisely how new regimes come to dominate people for centuries to come. They must move carefully, but they must move.

Win the War: The war against Netheril provides a contest for the Brightwoods to wage their revolution. The Brightwoods operate a volunteer militia called the Greycloaks, which has been one of the most successful forces in Neverwinter Wood. They want to prove that Neverwinter does not need a king by showing that they can fight the Shadovar better than he can.

Rebuild the City: Like the competition to most effectively defeat Netheril, the Brightwoods also see the city’s reconstruction as a race with the king to win the soul of Neverwinter. One of Branwen Farlong’s last campaigns was to steal the momentum from the Lord Protector by doing a better job of rebuilding the city than he could. The Brightwoods have taken that task to heart, trying to rebuild the city more quickly and more effectively than the kingdom, to show the people that they can govern their own lives better than any monarch.


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