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  • Indrek Silentshield

    Indrek Silentshield was the founder of his clan. According to family legend, he was of Clan Goldspire before that, and a citizen — or even a ruler — of [[Gauntlgrym | Gauntlgrym]]. Seeking a way to that lost city, [[:valtha-bonecarver | Valtha …

  • Huron Dundragon III

    Huron III, Baron of Mornskeep, made the mistake of backing Gondegal's claim to the throne of Cormyr in the Year of the Dragon (320 NR, 1352 DR). Gondegal was defeated and Huron was hung as a traitor. An ancient batrachi artifact called the Heart of the …

  • Kharza-kzad Xorlarrin

    In his mortal life, Kharza-kzad was one of several masters of Sorcere from [[House Xorlarrin | House Xorlarrin]]. His sister [[:zeerith-q-xorlarrin | Zeerith]] is Matron Mother, and Kharza-kzad is the oldest and most powerful magic users in a house known …

  • Praddak

    Praddak is a battle wight risen by [[Thay | Thayan]] necromancers. He served [[:valindra-shadowmantle | Valindra Shadowmantle]] in the Dread Ring, overseeing the excavation of [[:lorragauth | Lorragauth]] around the clock. His fate after the Dread Ring's …

  • Ursuntos

    The Grand Disciple of the Temple of Filth in [[Evernight | Evernight]] is an adept of Orcus named Ursantos. The ghoul and vampire underpriests jump at his every command, and his power in the city is second only to the ghouls and ghasts of the tribunal. He …

  • Hallan Carnavon

    Hallan sells general goods in [[Evernight | Evernight's]] Corpse Market. His wares are mostly items taken from slain humanoids.

  • Sanjos Irridan

    Sanjos is a mad necromancer, surgeon, and vampire who lives in [[Evernight | Evernight]]. He is an expert at creating undead grafts, which he has used to transform much of his own body. He offers his services in the Corpse Market, beneath a sign that says …

  • Vencia Stormwind

    Vencia offers zombie porters for physical labor or other menial tasks. A zombie costs 5 toals per day, and customers are required to leave collateral: a chunk of flesh that is surgically removed and alchemically treated so that it can be reattached later.

  • Teronius

    Teronius is the harbormaster of [[Evernight | Evernight's]] Haunted Pier, the [[Shadowfell | Shadowfell's]] reflection of the [[Neverwinter Docks | Neverwinter Docks]].

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