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  • Silevran Jalacia

    Silevran Jalacia is the captain of the _Major Future_, a carrack that regularly makes the journey between [[Waterdeep | Waterdeep]] and [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]].

  • Dara Symbaern

    Dara is a young sun elf lady originally from [[Waterdeep | Waterdeep]]. She has always been obsessed with keeping up with the latest fashions. With so much of the [[:dagult-neverember | Open Lord’s]] interest drawn to their northern neighbor, Dara saw an …

  • Saevel Jemuir

    Saevel Jemuir is an elf and a long-time inhabitant of [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]]. He remembers the time [[:nasher-alagondar | Nasher Alagondar]], when he attended the [[Neverwinter Academy | Neverwinter Academy]] during the [[Neverwinter Nights | …

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