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  • Charl

    Charl is a native of Neverwinter and a member of the [[Sons of Alagondar | Sons of Alagondar]], formerly of the Nasher faction. He arranged the Sons' alliance with the [[Dead Rats | Dead Rats]]. He sees the alliance as a means to an end, and that end is …

  • Drayton Ashensmith

    Through the [[Luskan | Luskan]] invasion in the days of [[:nasher-alagondar | Nasher Alagondar]] and the [[Spellplague | Spellplague]], Drayton's father and grandfather kept the [[The Shining Serpent Inn | Shining Serpent Inn]] open to provide a safe …

  • Seldon Ashensmith

    Seldon is [[:drayton-ashensmith | Drayton's]] son. He spends much of his time working as a scout for the small militia that helps protect the [[The Shining Serpent Inn | Shining Serpent Inn]] from the monsters that pour out of [[The Chasm | the Chasm]].

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