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  • Kesk Stormwind

    Kesk Stormwind is the captain of the _Killer's Haste_, a carrack that regularly makes the journey between [[Waterdeep | Waterdeep]] and [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]].

  • Hargul Half-Elf

    Hargul was one of a small group of refugees from the [[River District | River District]] who were squatting in the ruins of the old [[The House of Knowledge | House of Knowledge]]. He told [[:micareyl-auvrymtor | Micar’eyl Auvrymtor]] that the monsters …

  • Calaborn Roarke

    Calaborn is the third son of a junior branch of House Roarke, considered an embarrassment by a family that lost its noble status forty years ago and sold most of their property in [[Waterdeep | Waterdeep]] to the Neverembers long ago. Today they own two …

  • Nagda

    A tough half-orc woman named Nagda owns a stall in the [[White Dragon Market | White Dragon Market]] where she sells weapons — mostly heavy blades, light blades, hammers, and maces. She has little patience for anyone not of a martial persuasion, but …

  • Torkin Messarmos

    Torkin is the grandson of the famous Luruar mage Xanos Messarmos. He is an instructor at the [[Neverwinter Academy of Magic | Neverwinter Academy of Magic]].

  • Kosef Targana

    Kosef is a member of the Eye of Justice, an order of paladins and clerics dedicated to the heresy of the Threefold God — the belief that Torm, Helm, and Tyr are but three aspects of a single god of justice. He came to [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]] …

  • Creske Ulkrunnar

    Creske Ulkrunnar and Brey Danamark are [[:tanika-nemetsk | Tanika Nemetsk's]] top lieutenants in [[Leilon | Leilon]]. They are tasked with protecting the workers currently trying to rebuild the village from the monsters that have overrun the area.

  • Wil Dunhall

    Wil Dunhall is [[:norris-amcathra | Norris Amcathra's]] friend and companion. When Norris went north to [[Crossroad Keep | Crossroad Keep]] with [[:leyton-amcathra | his father]], Wil came as well. Norris is in charge of House Amcathra's men at the site, …

  • Jawbone

    Jawbone served [[:valindra-shadowmantle | Valindra Shadowmantle]] in the Dread Ring, overseeing the so-called "Flesh Factory," where they raised most of their undead army. She has a misshapen jaw that hangs at an angle, slurring her speech. The teeth on …

  • Quentin Kroft

    [[:clariburnus-tanthul | Prince Clariburnus]] was so impressed by Quentin's martial prowess that he allowed him to become a shadovar — a rare privilege in [[Netheril | Netheril]]. He was part of the expedition that followed the [[The Northern Five | …

  • Malrik Woad

    Malrik is the swordmaster at the [[Trade of Blades | Trade of Blades]] in the [[Protector's Enclave | Protector's Enclave]] of [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]]. Despite his size and strength, he trains students in a style of swordplay that emphasizes …

  • Puyet Turnskull

    Puyet is a dancer at the [[The Fallen Tower | The Fallen Tower]]. She is well-liked there since she appeals to both human and orc patrons — as well as a lust for the "exotic" from either of them.

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