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  • Soman Galt

    [[:dagult-neverember | Dagult Neverember]] helps to maintain his position as an idealistic visionary, in no small part, by delegating the tasks that might generate resentment to [[:sabine | General Sabine]] and the Mayor of Neverwinter, a former …

  • Valtha Bonecarver

    Priest of a Dead God+3

    Valtha comes from a long line of _talhund_, priests of Dumathoin, the dwarven god of buried wealth and the guardian of the dead, called the Keeper of Secrets Under the …

  • Indrek Silentshield

    Indrek Silentshield was the founder of his clan. According to family legend, he was of Clan Goldspire before that, and a citizen — or even a ruler — of [[Gauntlgrym | Gauntlgrym]]. Seeking a way to that lost city, [[:valtha-bonecarver | Valtha …

  • Favria

    Favria lives alone in the ruins of [[Thundertree | Thundertree]]. She is a crazed, cantankerous hermit who does not receive visitors kindly. After meeting her, [[:micareyl-auvrymtor | Micar’eyl Auvrymtor]] and [[:valtha-bonecarver | Valtha Bonecarver]] …

  • Dorna Crownshield

    Dorna Crownshield is the captain of the _Lawman's Heart_, a carrack that regularly makes the journey between [[Waterdeep | Waterdeep]] and [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]].

  • Thorik Bladebite

    Thorik Bladebite is the captain of the _Leaping Air_, a carrack that regularly makes the journey between [[Waterdeep | Waterdeep]] and [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]].

  • Belmara Gordrivver

    Belmara Gordrivver is the captain of the Low Trident, a carrack that regularly makes the journey between "Baldur's Gate":http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Baldur%27s_Gate and [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]].

  • Kelnar Ironfist

    Kelnar is a [[Dwarf | shield dwarf]] of [[Clan Ironfist | Clan Ironfist]], which holds the mountains near [[Old Owl Well | Old Owl Well]]. He is one of a small group of refugees from the [[River District | River District]] who are now squatting in the …

  • Eberk Ironfist

    Eberk is a smith from [[Clan Ironfist | Clan Ironfist]], the clan of [[Dwarf | shield dwarves]] who control the mountains near [[Old Owl Well | Old Owl Well]]. He partnered with [[:calaborn-roarke | Calaborn Roarke]], a half-orc from [[Waterdeep | …

  • Aothir Waybeard

    Aothir is a portly, red-bearded dwarf from Clan Waybeard from Citadel Adbar. He owns a stall in the [[White Dragon Market | White Dragon Market]] where he sells fine armor imported from Sundabar.

  • Alisara Callum

    Alisara is the granddaughter of Thorin Callum, one of [[:nasher-alagondar | Nasher Alagondar's]] legendary [[Neverwinter Nine | Neverwinter Nine]]. Her frayed purple tabard, bearing a white dragon sigil, bears testimony to her own adventures and …

  • Brother Satarin

    Brother Satarin was an acolyte before Helm's death, and the young dwarf took his vows shortly before the god fell. Satarin stayed at the cathedral in [[Helm's Hold | Helm's Hold]], teaching the ways of his fallen master and attending to the needy after …

  • Thondal Ironeater

    Clan Ironeater resides in Daggerford. They claim to be the last remnant of ancient Illefarn, and take it as their solemn duty to guard the otherwise empty holds of that ancient kingdom from intruders. Thondal, though, has not seen his clan in many years. …

  • Falkrunn Stonehammer

    Falkrunn is a [[Dwarf | shield dwarf]] from the Stonehammer Clan. She is currently working as an instructor at the [[Trade of Blades | Trade of Blades]] in the [[Protector's Enclave | Protector's Enclave]] of [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]]. She emphasizes …

  • Vandra Hillborn

    As more and more dwarves took up the search for [[Gauntlgrym | Gauntlgrym]], many of them banded together in [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]], calling themselves "the Seekers of the Way." They elected Vandra as their leader, and set off to seek the path to …

  • Dolmen Ironfist

    Dolmen is an old dwarf fighter from [[Clan Ironfist | Clan Ironfist]]. He received the Summons years ago, and has spent his life since then wandering [[The Crags | the Crags]], searching for an entrance to [[Gauntlgrym | Gauntlgrym]].

  • Baern Bonecarver

    When Baern's daughter [[:helja-bonecarver | Helja]] decided to travel to [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]] to seek out [[Gauntlgrym | Gauntlgrym]], he went with her. Baern is one of [[:valtha-bonecarver | Valtha Bonecarver's]] many uncles. His brother …

  • Helja Bonecarver

    Helja decided recently that she needed to seek out [[Gauntlgrym | Gauntlgrym]]. Her father [[:baern-bonecarver | Baern]] went with her to [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]] to begin her quest.

  • Orsik Stonehammer

    Orsik is an outcast from Clan Stonehammer who has decided to redeem himself by undertaking the quest to rediscover [[Gauntlgrym | Gauntlgrym]].

  • Thoradin Hardhammer

    The Hardhammer Clan were a powerful family in Mirabar for many centuries. They produced many faithful priests of Dumathoin, and this made them friends and allies of the Bonecarver Clan. When Dumathoin disappeared in the Spellplague, though, the …

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