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  • Zeerith Xorlarrin

    Zeerith is the Matron Mother of [[House Xorlarrin | House Xorlarrin]], the Third House of Menzoberranzan and its most magically gifted. She is known for her diplomatic skills. Other houses often call upon her to mediate in disputes. She is also known for …

  • Berellip Xorlarrin

    Berellip is the eldest daughter of [[:zeerith-q-xorlarrin | Zeerith]], the Matron Mother of [[House Xorlarrin | House Xorlarrin]]. She is her mother's heir and a priestess of Lolth.

  • Guldor Xorlarrin

    Guldor was part of a House Xorlarrin scouting party in the Great Cavern before the gates of [[Gauntlgrym | Gauntlgrym]] tasked with getting one of the house wizards inside should the gates ever open. No one in the party expected to see that for decades or …

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