Thoradin Hardhammer

Leader of the Mirabar Expedition


The Hardhammer Clan were a powerful family in Mirabar for many centuries. They produced many faithful priests of Dumathoin, and this made them friends and allies of the Bonecarver Clan. When Dumathoin disappeared in the Spellplague, though, the Hardhammers devoted themselves to Moradin instead. Thoradin is the current patriarch of the clan, the grandson of Agrathan, who once effectively ruled Mirabar. Thoradin does not hold the same power there that his grandfather did, but he remains one of the city’s most powerful figure.

When word reached Mirabar that the quest for Gauntlgrym was making headway in Neverwinter, Thoradin organized and led an expedition to the human city, including two Bonecarvers — Helja and her father Baern — and the disgraced Stonehammer Orsik. The expedition reached Neverwinter at the end of Kythorn in the Year of the Ageless Year (447 NR, 1479 DR), and then spent most of Flamerule planning and organizing their search efforts with Valtha Bonecarver.

Thoradin Hardhammer

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