Shil Yargo

Captain of Company Yargo


Company Yargo is one of the Five Companies of Halruaan sky pirates, built around a prominent halfling family descended from the infamous Pirate King Yargo of old Yaulazna. The company takes all sorts of work and its members aren’t reluctant to spill blood for the right price. Buccaneer’s Tear, the skyship captained by the brash Shil Yargo, has been implicated in high seas piracy and highway robbery.

She possesses four cards from the Deck of Many Things — Void, Key, Sun, and Fates — and is in competition with other, unnamed collectors to complete the deck. This quest put her on the trail of Marcus de Tylmarande, to whom she offered a 10% stake in Company Yargo in exchange for the card she believed in his possession, Euryale.

Shil Yargo

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