Seipora Gend

Editor of the Waterclock


Class: Paladin
Theme: Oghma’s Faithful
Race: Human
Level: 5 (Champion)

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
16 12 13 13 11 16
+3 +1 +1 +1 +0 +3
Recovery Dice5d10 + 1
The BrightwoodsThe Brightwoods1
The HarpersThe Harpers1
The Abolethic SovereigntyThe Abolethic Sovereignty1
The Kingdom of NeverwinterThe Kingdom of Neverwinter1

Class Features

  • Smite: You can use this talent once per battle, plus an additional number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier. As a free action before you make a paladin melee attack roll, you can declare that you’re using a Smite attack. Add a +4 attack bonus and +1d12 to the damage roll. Deal half damage if the attack misses.

Class Talents

  • Lay on Hands: Twice per day as a quick action, you can heal yourself or an ally next to you with a touch. The recipient heals as if they had spent a recovery, without actually spending one. Add twice your Charisma modifier to the healing provided.

  • Divine Domain: Knowledge: Once per day, during the first round of a battle, you get a quick glimpse of the battle’s future. Roll a d6; as a free action at any point after the escalation die equals the number you rolled, you can allow one of your allies to reroll a single attack roll with a +2 bonus thanks to your vision of this future.

    Once per day, you can change one of your skill checks involving knowledge to a natural 20 instead. Interpret the word “knowledge” as loosely as your GM allows. GMs, be generous.

  • Paladin’s Challenge: When you hit an enemy with a melee attack, you can choose to challenge that enemy as a free action. Until the end of the battle, provided that both you and the enemy you’ve challenged are conscious and capable of making an attack, you both take an attack penalty against all other creatures and a penalty to disengage checks from each other. For you, the penalty is -4; for the challenged enemy, the penalty is -4 or equal to the escalation die, whichever is greater.

    You can only have one enemy challenged at a time. Both you and the creature you have challenged can “turn off” the attack penalty for the rest of that turn by making an attack roll against the rival. For example, a monster with more than one attack or attack roll can attack your allies without penalty on its turn provided it attacks you first. (Note that this would not help the monster with an opportunity attack against one of your allies later in the round.)

    Your Paladin’s Challenge can end a couple of ways. First, your Paladin’s Challenge ends if either you or the creature you are challenging falls unconscious or drops to 0 hp. Second, you can end your current challenge and start another when you hit a different enemy with an attack (assuming you hit with the –4 penalty). Third, you can choose to end the challenge if an enemy flees far away from you.

    An enemy can only be the subject of one Paladin’s Challenge at a time; a new challenge overrides the previous one.

    In the unlikely case in which two paladins fight each other, any use of Paladin’s Challenge locks them into a challenge that only ends when one of them drops.


Seipora is the great-granddaughter of Aarin Gend, the spymaster for Nasher Alagondar. His story, including his adventures with Ander Brightwood, were passed down through the family, always reinforcing the lesson that knowledge is power. That led Seipora to her devotion to the god of knowledge, Oghma. She served at the House of Knowledge until the Prophet led them to Helm’s Hold.

Helm’s Hold Revolutionary +4

As a faithful of Oghma, Seipora is predisposed to giving new ideas a fair hearing. So when Branwen Farlong introduced Ander Brightwood’s anarchistic philosophy to Helm’s Hold, she kept an open mind. It wasn’t until these ideas were put into practice and proved themselves practical and useful that she came to believe in them. Since then, Helm’s Hold has had to fight for its freedom — and Seipora has been on the front lines of those battles. Since arriving in Neverwinter, she has worked closely with the Brightwoods.

Investigative Reporter +4

When Seipora arrived in Neverwinter, she was horrified by how many enormous, world-ending plots swirled around the city, and how few people knew about them. As a paladin of Oghma, Seipora’s first responsibility is to truth and knowledge. So it is an act of devotion and faith that she publishes The Waterclock, a Neverwintan newspaper dedicated to educating the public as to the people and events that affect them. Seipora sometimes publishes op-eds that reveal her bias in favor of the Brightwoods, but strives for objectivity elsewhere in the paper. She likes to hire reporters who disagree with her, to ensure that objectivity — or at least multiple different perspectives.

Philosopher +4

Part of her training as an Oghmanite paladin consisted of many years of rigorous academics. Seipora is well-versed in many different branches of philosophy — religious, social, natural, and magical — and applies that knowledge to her work as a journalist and embedded adventurer. She tries to stay on top of the latest philosophical treatises, but it’s often difficult to find the time.

Seipora Gend

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