Wizardly Shopkeeper


Short and physically unassuming, Sand has a wry smile and a habit of chuckling to himself while making eye contact. Sand is extremely knowledgeable and he’s often visibly lost in thought or debating with himself under his breath. His sense of smell is quite powerful and he often pauses to sniff deeply.

Sand originally came to Neverwinter in the time of Nasher Alagondar to teach at the new Academy of Magic, but his abrasive personality did not get him very far in its political environment. The headmaster dismissed him after just two years. Without other options, Sand set up an alchemy shop in the Docks, making a modest living selling magical scrolls and crafting supplies. He became a friend of Duncan Farlong, and a regular at the Sunken Flagon. It was this relationship that introduced him to Bran Farlong, who became one of the Neverwinter Nine and the Knight-Captain of Crossroad Keep. Sand accompanied Bran on several of his adventures, gaining a good bit of fame and notoriety from it. The Docks prospered, and with the neighborhood’s prosperity, Sand’s shop likewise prospered. Together with the magic and treasures he gained during the war against the King of Shadows, Sand became a wealthy, successful, and powerful wizard.

After the eruption of Mount Hotenow in the Year of Knowledge Unearthed (419 NR, 1451 DR), Sand used his powers and spent most of his accumulated wealth helping to rebuild the city. He has looked after Duncan’s daughter, Branwen Farlong, all her life (to her, he’s Uncle Sand).

Sand has little patience for politics. He has spent his fortune on rebuilding Neverwinter, and has dedicated his considerable magical talents to that end as well. Dagult Neverember, whatever his motivations, is helping the city rebuild, so Sand has aided him considerably over the years. The old Docks district has since become the Protector’s Enclave, placing what was once the only magical shop in Neverwinter’s poorest neighborhood right in the middle of its most prosperous, secure quarter. Sand is powerful to be able to come and go in the Hall of Justice as he pleases, and has probably afforded his “niece” Branwen more lenience from Neverember than she might otherwise expect. Sand is not above threatening to turn the Lord Protector into a toad if he should threaten her.


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