The Prophet


Rohini is a comely, approachable woman. Her laughter is infectious and her presence sets people at ease. She claims knowledge of extraordinary mysteries beyond mortal understanding, and says that this awareness gives her the power to purify the worthy. She bestows healing on individuals that have been affected by the Spellplague. While under her ministrations, though, her patients feel no pain and exude contentment.

She joined the Oghmites at the House of Knowledge, where sh first showed her ability to predict the future. After the mysterious death of Brother Anthus, though, Rohini prophesied that a terrible doom would befall Neverwinter if the remaining priests did not follow her and relocate their makeshift hospital for those affected by the Spellplague to Helm’s Hold. There, she continues to care for the afflicted. She is revered in Helm’s Hold as a wise and benevolent spiritual leader.


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