Nasher Alagondar

First King of Neverwinter


Though long dead, much of the current situation in Neverwinter still hinges on the details of Nasher Alagondar’s life. He is seen as the wise and benevolent ruler who oversaw Neverwinter’s golden age. The Sons of Alagondar invoke his name as the very essence of native Neverwintan pride and independence. Neverwinter’s ruling family until the eruption of Mount Hotenow in the Year of Knowledge Unearthed (419 NR, 1451 DR) derived their legitimacy from their claim to descend from Nasher Alagondar.

Nasher was still a young man when his wife and child were murdered by a minotaur named Koth Uth-Kalin. Nasher hunted down and slew the monster. The impressive feat won him a great deal of attention. Lacking any other direction, he formed an adventuring party called the Northern Four with Dumal Erard, Ophala Cheldarstorn, and Malcer Windrivver.

The band adventured together for many years and spawned many tales in their adventures around the region. One popular tale relates how they rescued the Black Raven Tribe of the Uthgardt from a foul white dragon. As a symbol of their gratitude, the tribe entrusted a girl named Morregence with Nasher as a “debt-child.” In another adventure, they saved the lord of Neverwinter, Olan Babris, from assassins sent by the Arcane Brotherhood in Luskan. The grateful lord, having no children of his own, adopted Nasher Alagondar as his son and heir.

The troupe eventually came to an end with a leadership struggle between Nasher and Malcer. Malcer became the new High Captain Kurth in Luskan, while Nasher remained in Neverwinter to help defend it against its northern rival. Ophala was torn between her love for Malcer and her loyalty to Nasher, but after Malcer left, Ophala settled in Neverwinter, unwilling to compromise her hatred for Luskan and its Arcane Brotherhood. She founded the Moonstone Mask and became an important member of the Order of the Many-Starred Cloak, but she bore resentment against Nasher for the way things turned out for the rest of her life. Nasher and Erard remained close, with Erard founding the nearby fortress-monastery of Helm’s Hold.

In the Year of the Lost Helm (297 NR, 1329 DR), Olan Babris died, leaving Nasher Alagondar to succeed him as lord of Neverwinter. A devout follower of Tyr since the death of his family, Nasher immediately commissioned a great temple to his god in the center of the city, called the Hall of Justice. At the same time, he began greatly expanding Castle Never in the center of the city. Nasher brought Neverwinter into the Lords’ Alliance, and under his rule the city prospered. He laid many intrigues and magical preparations against attacks from Luskan, even banning maps of the city to be made to keep spies busy and add a minor measure of difficulty to any Luskar invasion plans.

Nasher did much to bolster Neverwintans’ pride in their city. His personal bodyguards, the Neverwinter Nine, called upon the symbolism of the nine companions of Halueth Never, the city’s legendary sun elf founder. He also backed several excavations aimed at uncovering relics tied to Halueth Never.

The Neverwinter Nine became famous heroes in their own right, who advanced the glory of Nasher and Neverwinter with each adventure. They were entrusted with many of the magic items Nasher had accumulated over a successful decade of adventuring. He also received significant support from the Order of the Many-Starred Cloak, a powerful cabal of mages based in the city able to match the power of the Arcane Brotherhood in Luskan.

Though he gained a reputation as a wise and fair ruler, the Wailing Death in the Year of Wild Magic (340 NR, 1372 DR) marked a dark chapter in his reign. The execution of Fenthick Moss led to the betrayal of Aribeth de Tylmarande and a Luskan invasion of his city despite all of his efforts to avoid it. Then, his execution of Aribeth de Tylmarande turned Ander Brightwood, the Hero of Neverwinter, against him. Though Ander did not follow Aribeth’s path of leading an army to Neverwinter’s gates, his books criticized Nasher intensely. The invasion landed a terrible blow to the city which took several years to rebuild and recover.

Nasher rejected the title of king for most of his reign, until the Luskan invasion. The mages of the Many-Starred Cloak created a crown that would destroy anyone who wore it who was not of Nasher’s bloodline. He married and had a son named Bann to ensure the continuation of his dynasty. He died during the Spellplague at the age of 87. The line of Alagondar continued to rule Neverwinter until the eruption of Mount Hotenow in the Year of Knowledge Unearthed (419 NR, 1451 DR), when Nasher’s last descendants were killed in Castle Never.

Nasher Alagondar

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