Marcus de Tylmarande

Rogue Harper Agent


Class: Fighter
Theme: Harper Agent
Race: Half-elf
Level: 2 (Adventurer)

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
16 14 16 10 14 10
+3 +2 +3 +0 +2 +0
Recovery Dice2d10+4
The HarpersThe Harpers1
Sons of AlagondarSons of Alagondar1
The Dead RatsThe Dead Rats1

Class Talents

  • Cleave: Once per battle, make a fighter melee attack as a free action after one of your melee attacks drops an enemy to 0 hp.

  • Power Attack: Once per battle before you roll an attack, you can declare you’re using Power Attack to deal additional damage with that attack roll. If the attack hits, you deal the following additional damage: Deal 1d4 additional damage per level if you are using a one-handed weapon.

  • Tough as Iron: Once per battle, you can rally using a quick action instead of a standard action.


  • Carve an Opening

    Triggering Roll: Any natural odd roll

    Effect: Your crit range with melee attacks expands by a cumulative +1 this battle until you score a melee critical hit. When you score a melee critical hit, your crit range drops back to normal.

  • Defensive Fighting

    Triggering Roll: Natural 16+; if you fight with a shield, also any natural even roll

    Effect: Gain a +2 bonus to AC until the end of your next turn.

  • Two-Weapon Pressure

    Special: You must be using a weapon in each hand.

    Triggering Roll: Any miss

    Effect: Until the end of your next turn, you gain a +2 melee attack bonus against the target.


  • You can read and speak all normal humanoid languages well enough.



Neverwinter Survivor +2

Marcus was born in Neverwinter in the year 1451 DR, the day that Mount Hotenow erupted. His family was among the first to return to the ruins and begin rebuilding. However, his family had long since fallen out of favor with the people of Neverwinter. Despite their efforts to help take back the city, few of the settlers welcomed them. Rumors persisted among the survivors that the troubles that had befallen the city were part of a Luskan plot, and many accused Marcus’ family of being either sympathizers or conspirators. Despite the tensions, Marcus grew up in the ruins and did his best as he grew older to focus on reconstruction. Though not quite old enough to man the wall, he took work where he could, repairing buildings and delivering supplies.

This continued until one night when, after a day of heavy casualties on the wall and an evening of heavy drinking to forget their problems, an angry mob gathered outside of Marcus’ home. They torched the house, but Marcus alone managed to escape and flee into the night.

Luskan Street Fighter +2

Realizing that his family’s unfortunate legacy made him a risk to those closest to him, Marcus left Neverwinter. His parents had taught him how to use a sword well enough, and he wandered for a time with no real home. Like many lost souls in the North seeking to disappear, he eventually ended up in the city of Luskan.

There, among the worst criminals the Sword Coast had to offer, Marcus tested himself. He had numerous encounters with the city’s low-level thugs, pirates, and thieves, slowly working his way through the gangs that ran the place. He had soon earned the ire of nearly every gang in the city, including the feared Dead Rats.

Harper Agent +4

In all likelihood, Marcus may well have died in Luskan had his actions not caught the attention of a Harper agent assigned to the area, who intervened to save him from an assassination attempt by the Dead Rats. Impressed with his tenacity, the agent asked Marcus to join the Harpers. Marcus left Luskan and journeyed to Everlund to begin his training.

Marcus spent the next few years training under the Harpers in the ways infiltration, subterfuge, intelligence, and deception. Upon the completion of his training, he was given a final task to prove himself worthy of becoming a Harper. He was dispatched to his old home of Neverwinter to make contact with Cymril and assist her in supporting the Sons of Alagondar.

Marcus joined the Sons under the assumed name Devon Aidendale. He soon learned how deep Neverwinter’s plots run though, as Cymril was killed during a job gone bad. Both the Harpers and the Sons now blame Marcus for Cymril’s death as he puts all his training to use in an effort to discover the truth and clear his name.

The Journal of Marcus Greycloak

14-15 Ches447 NRSecrets Under the Mountain
26-29 ChesOver the Wall
30 Ches - 2 TarsakhJourney to Helm’s Hold
4-6 TarsakhSanatorium
7-8 TarsakhThe Battle of Helm’s Hold

Marcus de Tylmarande

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