Luusi Wintermere

Harper Agent

Luusi Wintermere
Level 3 trooper
Armor Class19
Physical Defense17
Mental Defense13
Hit Points45


+8 vs. AC — 10 damage

Natural even hit or miss: Luusi deals +10 damage on her next attack this battle

Harper Agent

Luusi can make skill checks in combat as a standard action as a PC would. She rolls a d20 and adds a +6 bonus against the difficulty set by the environment and the nature of the action she is attempting.


Luusi adds the escalation die to her attack rolls.


Luusi is a Harper agent who reports to a spymaster in Waterdeep called “the Shepherd.” She claims that he replaced “the Fisher” when he was revealed to be a Zhent double-agent. Since Cymril was reporting to “the Fisher,” “the Shepherd” wants to know if she, too, was working for the Black Network, and just how far that corruption may have spread among the Harpers in Neverwinter. Before he became spymaster, “the Shepherd” was sent on a mission to assess the situation in Neverwinter, and concluded that the city could not be saved. Luusi’s mission was to discover which Harpers were loyal and get them out of the city. The traitors would have to be dealt with according to the Harper code: the Harpers police their own, and traitors must be killed.

Luusi concluded that her best approach lay with Marcus Greycloak. He was accused of murdering Cymril. If that was because Cymril was loyal and Marcus was a traitor, she could kill Marcus and use that to gain entrance among the other Harpers. On the other hand, if Cymril was a traitor, Marcus may have killed her because he’s loyal. In that case, helping him out of the city was part of her mission, and he could give her better information on how to proceed next. Either way, the best approach was to get close to Marcus. She found out that he was hanging around the Sunken Flagon, so she got a room there while posing as a sellsword. She joined Marcus and his companions on an adventure to Maskado’s Maps and Legends Bookshop. On the way back, she felt she’d seen enough of Marcus’s behavior to reveal herself as an agent.

Marcus helped Luusi confirm that Cymril created the Sons of Alagondar to concentrate the resistance to Dagult Neverember in one network which could be targeted and destroyed. From this, Luusi’ put together that Cymril was a Banite Zhent, hoping to help Neverember establish an empire on the Sword Coast, so that by corrupting a single man they could establish a whole new tyranny in Faerûn.

Marcus refuses to give up on Neverwinter. For the moment, the point is moot, as she really needs his help to discover the loyalties of the other agents in the city. She believes that Marcus and Branwen Farlong, working together, have the best chance of helping fix both the Harpers and the Sons of Alagondar, stopping Neverember’s imperialist ambitions, and maybe even accomplishing what “the Shepherd” has written off — saving Neverwinter. On more than one occasion, she’s shown a willingness to jeopardize her own life to ensure theirs.

After the deaths of Marcus and Branwen in quick succession, Luusi is now in agreement with the Shepherd that Neverwinter cannot be saved.

Luusi Wintermere

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