Luth Helder

Righteous Potentate of Amaunator


Luth is the Righteous Potentate of Amaunator’s Court in Neverwinter, the leader of the Temple of Amaunator in the Blacklake District. While Dagult Neverember has courted his support, Luth remains unconvinced that Neverember has any claim to legitimate rule over Neverwinter. As he has pondered the question more and more, Luth has become more and more skeptical that any ruler can rule legitimately. Amaunator stands for law and order, but what is the original source of that legitimacy, when rulers appoint themselves, and laws are simply what the rulers have decreed? A ruler appointed by Amaunator himself would surely have legitimacy, but what ruler in Faerûn today can trace his authority, legally, to such an event?

Luth has begun working on a new sort of legitimacy — a contract agreed to by all citizens, which derives its authority from the consent of those who bind themselves to it of their own free will. He’s also interested in the way that this opens up new possibilities for how to arrange society. If we’re doing to lay out our society in a contract, why do we need to place a hereditary monarchy at the top of it? Why do we need to include a monarch at all? Does it even require any leadership whatsoever?

Lander Greycastle does not see things as Luth does. He says that Neverember is trying to restore law and civilization to Neverwinter, and so Amaunator clearly blesses his endeavor, and so it falls to them to support him in all they do. However, Lander is a faithful Amaunatori, and Luth is his Court’s Righteous Potentate, so he would not dare to opnely defy him. Their disagreement remains primarily a theological one within the Court.

Luth Helder

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