Lureena Thann

Matriarch of House Thann


Houses Wands and Thann are in close competition to be the most powerful house in Waterdeep. House Thann is known for its commercial and mercantile empire, as well as its sponsorship of Waterdeep’s many temples. The house matriarch, Lureena, believes deeply that honest enterprises can prosper, though it is rumored that the competition with House Wands has pushed her to look towards less scrupulous means to secure her family’s future. For instance, it’s said that House Thann now owns Monsters Made to Order, a long-standing business in Skullport that creates magical chimeras to serve as guardians and watch beasts. It has been suggested that House Thann’s temple donations are a way of secretly passing funds to the Harpers. House Thann has also recently struck an alliance with the Grey Hands, though it’s also rumored that this alliance has not gone well for the house. It’s said that the Grey Hands have called upon the Thanns to help with a few urgent missions, which caused problems for Lureena’s own plans.

Lureena did not raise Rodrik herself; rather, as head of the family, she is more like a grandmother or aunt to him.

Lureena Thann

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