Leyton Amcathra

Lord of Crossroad Keep


Leyton is the head of House Amcathra, one of Waterdeep’s oldest and most prestigious noble houses. He is an old friend of Dagult Neverember’s. With the Open Lord’s attention on Neverwinter, Leyton decided to lay claim to an old ruin near the city himself. For a few years before the Spellplague, Crossroad Keep was reinhabited and refortified by Bran Farlong during the war against the King of Shadows. The keep was attacked during the climactic battle of that war, and has lain in ruin ever since.

Leyton has brought some of his own men, captained by his son Norris, as well as workers paid from his own purse to help rebuild it. The Zhentarim offered excellent mercenaries at extraordinarily low rates, though, so Leyton took them up on the offer. The Zhents are commanded by Vinsent Ironwood, who has impressed Leyton with his calm competence and professionalism.

Leyton Amcathra

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