Lander Greycastle

Paladin of Amaunator


Lander is a paladin of Amaunator who lives and works at the Temple of Amaunator in Neverwinter’s Blacklake District. Under the New Neverwinter regime, he considered the situation fairly simple: Dagult Neverember was restoring order and civilization to the region, so his efforts were blessed by Amaunator, and it was the duty of Amaunator’s clergy to aid him in any way they could. While he respected Luth Helder, he felt that the priest had become too clever for his own good, wrapping himself up in complex theological arguments that led him away from Amaunator’s light.

The rise of Ander Brightwood’s anarchist philosophy troubled Lander deeply. He considered it a mortal peril that needed to be stamped out vigorously. Lander’s respect for the laws of inheritance bound him to Rodrik Alagondar when he proved himself the heir of Nasher Alagondar, but he was disturbed by the way that Rodrik courted the Brightwoods and their philosophy to secure his position. When Rodrik set off to discover Gauntlgrym, though, the king relied on Lander’s respect for law and order by naming him the kingdom’s Minister of Justice and, in his absence, the Lord Regent.

Lander Greycastle

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