Young volcanic dragon

Level 3 wrecker (huge)
Young volcanic dragon
Armor Class16
Physical Defense14
Mental Defense10
Hit Points135

Fangs, Claws & Tail

+11 vs. AC (2 attacks) — 30 damage

First natural even hit or miss each turn: Make a third attack

Magma Blast

Once per battle, Koravakarios can begin gathering heat. Any creature who starts her turn engaged with him takes 5 fire damage.

Second turn: Any creature who starts her turn engaged with Koravakarios takes 10 fire damage. Any nearby creature takes 5 fire damage.

Third turn: [ATK] vs. PD (all nearby creatures) — 15 fire damage

Miss: 10 fire damage

Resist Fire 12+

When a fire attack targets Koravakarios, the attacker must roll a natural 12+ on the attack roll or it only deals half damage.


Catastrophe dragons do not have male or female genders, because they do not reproduce sexually. Instead, when elemental forces cause enormous death and destruction, that power pools and crystallizes into an egg. Koravakarios was born twenty-eight years ago amidst the magma that pooled in an old dwarven catacomb beneath Neverwinter’s River District, born from the Neverwintans killed by the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Hotenow.

With his innate bond to the death and destruction caused by the eruption, Koravakarios was able to control the ash zombies created by the disaster reflexively. His presence drove other dwarves from their graves, often imbued with fiery powers that also bound them to the dragon’s service.

Hoping to curry favor with the Fires Below, Koravakarios opened his lair to their renegade Netherese mage, Qalthus. A beljuril named Valtha Bonecarver hired the Ardents of Calim to mount an expedition into the catacombs. Koravakarios slew half of their party, but Lekythion bargained for their lives, offering their service as guards to keep out other adventurers. Other adventurers followed, as Valtha found a new party — Horst, Micar’eyl Auvrymtor, Branwen Farlong, and Marcus Greycloak — who (with the aid of an enthrall spell) convinced Lekythion and his survivng comrades to betray their new master. Together, the adventurers succeeded in slaying Koravakarios.


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