Katryn Ulfbinder

Shadar-Kai Warrior


Katryn was the shadar-kai daughter of a Netherese lord, Parise Ulfbinder. Her birth signaled the blessing of Shar upon her father’s house.

Katryn came to Helm’s Hold during its war against Rohini and the plaguechanged monsters from the Abolethic Sovereignty in Helm’s Cathedral to offer Netheril’s protection. If Helm’s Hold became a protectorate of the Empire of Netheril, Katryn promised, the Shadovar would be able to intervene to save them from their aberrant enemies. Branwen Farlong, Marcus de Tylmarande, and Micar’eyl Auvrymtor urged Doloran Bard (then acting as the town’s chief speaker, since the aboleths had taken over Alisara Callum’s mind the day before) to reject her offer. She left peacefully.

Later, Katryn was part of the expedition that followed the Northern Five to Ellyn’taal to discover the fate of Ioulaum, the first of ancient Netheril’s archmagi. She was killed when Fulminorax attacked and the Northern Five betrayed them to the Thayan blue dragon.

Katryn Ulfbinder

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